Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adios Austin

Well, we are officially moved away from Austin!  I can't say that I will miss it one bit.  The place has become so over populated so as to make it difficult to even get around anymore.  We made the trip back for the last of our things still in storage.  To be honest, I am happy to be away from there. We left early Sunday morning and took the "old" rural route through the little Texas towns.  Anything to not have to drive through Dallas again.  What a nightmare that town has grown into!

It was a nice drive.  The dogwoods are blooming now and the crepe myrtles are beginning to show signs of spring colors too.  As we headed southward I saw the Indian Paint Brushes blooming on the side of the road.  A sure sign that spring has sprung!!  I've noticed up here the "spring" flowers are daffodils. They are everywhere and just beautiful. I have to keep reminding myself that I am more than 300 miles north now. I might actually see more than 3 seasons up here.  In Texas there is Cool, Hot, and Hotter than Hades!

We got into town Sunday afternoon and rented a trailer then headed back to the old RV Park to load the last of our things from there.  I had talked to a girlfriend last week who invited us to spend the night with her to save a few bucks.  Well, I called her probably three different times on Sunday.  She never called back.  I guess  we weren't as good friends as I had thought.  It made me a little sad but it p***ed me off as well. You find out who your friends are I suppose!  Everything worked out though as it usually does.  Our old neighbors invited us to stay with them and I am glad we did.  We had a great dinner and a wonderful visit.  Thanks again Karen!!

We spent most all of Monday packing up the stuff in storage.  About 7 hours later and with two very tired backs, we headed out for the last time.  Adios Austin!

We drove till dark and stopped in the little town of  Gilmore for the evening.  The plan was to pick up some sandwich makings from the grocery store and grab a room for the night.  Seems that we found the grocery store just as they were rolling the sidewalks up for the evening.  We found a Chinese Buffet open and grabbed a bite to eat....then off to the motel for a well deserved hot shower and some rest.  We even watched some TV!  We can't pick up any stations out in the Oklahoma sticks.  I have to admit though, I could have done without it. I really don't miss TV in the least little bit.  And Hulu has been getting a workout.  If anyone knows any other decent free sites for watching movies and TV shows leave me a comment will ya? 

The next morning (late) we loaded up and were headed out again.  I stuck my hand in my jacket pocket and found two fortune cookies from the night before.  Wanna know what they said?  Mine said
"You will soon be crossing sands for a fun vacation"  which is funny because the land here at the Pioneer Living homestead is nothing but sandy dirt!
The clincher though was when Mars opened his and read this.....

                         When one door closes, another will open.


  1. Hey Sci, welcome back :)

    Funny little things those fortune cookies, sometimes they sure hit the mark don't they?

    Free movie sites other than Hulu, I'm not sure, but you know which two people know tons of them, I bet you can guess? Yep, none other than our favorite Wolfeman and Catman. I can ask Cat and shoot you off and email with suggestions.

    Glad you're back in one piece, Sci, sorry about your friend not calling you back. :( But, on the bright side, you have me now ;) hehehe


  2. People are flaky, screw 'em. I bet that was a beautiful drive, my run out to the country today was made wonderful by all the spring wildflowers, yellow, blue, pink, and white. Absolutely beautiful... Y'all are much better off leaving "Moscow on the Colorado"....