Thursday, March 25, 2010

Herb Garden

What with the moving from Texas and the getting settled in here, I feel as though I am way behind the curve with starting my gardening this year. Which is seriously funny when you stop and consider the massive garden that is going in here at the Pioneer Living Homestead. There is almost two full acres of  garden space that either is now or soon will be planted with a wide assortment of vegetables.  I got a look at the garden map yesterday and I was almost overwhelmed!  Its BIG folks... As a matter of fact, it is so big as to need its very own post. (I promise I will get to it)

And even though all that will be taking place, I wanted a little spot to grow some herbs and such. 
 Mars is going to till me up a little spot by the house for a kitchen garden.  Well, I guess you would call it more of an herb garden.  I started some seeds this week and I feel better already!  I've got quite a myriad of things. There is sage, oregano, sweet basil, parsley, cilantro (a must for salsa and pico de gallo) rosemary, thyme, chives, marjoram and even some lavender. I still need to start some dill but I will just sew that right in the ground.  We shall see what comes up!  

I am using the "baggie" method for starting the seeds.  I learned about it from MMpaints over at Self Sustained Living last year and it worked out well.  All you need are seeds, peat pots, and baggies.  Place the peat pots in warm water till they are moist and plant your seed in the peat pot.  Then place the peat pots in a baggie and seal the baggie.  It makes its own little greenhouse.  Give them a sunny spot in a window and watch them grow! I have found that if you put 4 pots per baggie it tends to keep them stable.
I will keep ya'll posted on the results.


  1. Two acres... I have Gadren Envy! HA!

    Seriously, do let me/us know how the herbs turn out; I've started a few in peat, but they seem to be slow. Maybe the added humidity with the
    'greenhouse effect' will make a diff...

  2. Way cool, Sci :)

    I haven't tried the baggies yet, but I have used Jen's idea with the empty water/milk jugs and that worked really well. Cat said the baggie sounds good to him though so I'm sure we'll be trying it.

    I tried to grow some herbs in the house last year and the damn evil nine feline ate them :( So...I'm going to try some outside this year. The only thing out there right now is the Rosemary and it does really good, as long as I don't go near it with the clippers. :D

    Good luck with your kitchen garden, Sci and yes please do keep us updated on PL's garden, I am fascinated by it and can't wait to see it once it starts growing.


  3. Is rosemary a perennial where you are? Up here it's an annual, which is just such a bummer, because I love rosemary :).

    I love the baggie starter garden. What a great idea! I keep debating on whether I'll start the tomato seeds indoors or just direct sow them, and I think, using that method, that I will start them inside and transplant. Thanks for the tip :).

  4. SciFiChick,
    It is none other than tigger2. I love your blog.
    It is pretty impressive.