Friday, March 12, 2010

My New Solar Dryer

I can't really remember the last time I went to a laundry mat.  My mom used to call it a Washateria.  Things haven't changed much other than that though. I still hate it.  I used to be a pro at the laundrymat  routine.  Three kids and no washing machine makes one a pro pretty fast! These old tips and tricks still apply today.  

1. (and its number 1 for a reason)  NEVER EVER GO ON THE WEEKEND. 
There are only 3 truly good days to make the trip. Tues- Thurs.  Unless, of course, you enjoy screaming kids, waiting on machines to become available, fights over dryers, local gossip (ok this might be an upside LOL ) and Mom's yelling at unruly kids who are running everywhere wrecking havoc.
2. Always remember the quarters for the machines.  Yes, I know there are change makers in most laundrymats, but you can't be guaranteed they will be working.
3. Presorting your clothes before you go means less actual time you have to spend in one of these hell-holes.
4. If you have several loads to do (and who doesn't cause your in a landrymat for goodness sakes)  Start each load one at a time.  What I mean is if you fill the first load, do your soap stuff and drop the quarters in then move on to the next load.  Why you ask?  Ok, here's my theory.  By the time you start your last load and put away your soap and bleach and stuff it will be almost time for the first load to be done.  This way you can pull the first load out of the wash and into the dryer buy the time the next load is ready for the dryer. 
All of this of course is in the interest of getting in and out of the place as quickly as possible.  It's never been a favorite hang-out of mine anyway!
And if you want to get out of there in half the time....  Skip the dryer and take them home and use your solar dryer!


  1. Hi Sci :)
    I agree 100% with your rules of engaging the laundromat.
    Early in the morning is a good time to go too, before 8:00 am.

    The solar dryer :) love it, my Mom used to have one, actually I think there were 3 lines strung across the back yard, then she had one of those weird twirling ones for a time.


  2. I love the feel of line-dried jeans...

  3. God, I miss my clothesline! (Really, that's a prayer :-)) Someday, I hope to live where I can have another one. I'm twisted... I love doing laundry when it ends with clothes on a "solar dryer."

  4. The laundromat can be brutal sometimes. We have a 24 hr one in our university town (students have odd schedules) so on those days when I wake up REALLY early and can't get back to sleep, it's off to drink tea at the laundromat!

    We live in an apartment and don't have a clothesline, but still air dry our clothes using this laundry drying rack - being round it works really nice under a ceiling fan! And when you wash clothes at 3am you have all day to dry them :-)