Sunday, January 3, 2010

You Don't Have Beans?

  Well, things are moving right along here.  We're making forward progress, which is always a good thing.  It seems like it took forever to get to this point.
   You just don't realize how much "crap" you can acquire in 9 years.  What's even more amazing is the amount you can accumulate in  a 40' RV!  But the trailer is now listed as FOR SALE.  It's taken a month to do, but the trailer is finally ready.  Most everything is in storage except for basics we need to hang out until we sell the place.  We could be out of here in a day's notice! We have been going through everything we own with a "new eye" as it were.  Gleaning.  If it doesn't have a purpose for the direction we are headed  or a sentimental value - its out of here.  Craigslist is my new best friend! 

  One thing that has kind of been strange for me though is not working on our food storage. I hadn't realized how much I would miss it.  Prepping I mean.  Most everyone knows what a nerd I am about snagging good deals.  You can imagine how I must have felt when I saw that potato's were on sale this week @ $.069 for 5 lbs!!
And all my handy dandy kitchen "tools" now reside in storage. The one that I made absolutely sure I kept where I can get to it is the pressure canner , lids, canning tools and jars.  We still have a fair amount of meat in the freezer and I sure don't wanna lose it. 
  I have to confess a serious prepper error.  When putting all the food preps in storage... I did not think far enough out.  I should have been thinking 6-8 weeks here and really didn't think ahead.  Case in point, Mars and I were talking last nite about dinner.  We both thought some beans and rice would be good.  Well I went to look in the pantry and we had rice....but no beans!   I thought Mars was gonna dies laughing at me.  I've probably got a hundred and fifty pounds of beans put up and not a single one in the house!  I had to run to the store today as we were out of bread (STOP LAUGHING AT ME) so while I there I picked up another 5 lbs of beans.  Now I realize we didn't NEED 5 lbs.... but I got me a little "prepper fix" and I feel better now!  

Don't tell anyone ok?


  1. Been there, done that ...all of it, Sci. Right down to the bean thing. Only my 'beans' were kitchen utility ware. When I moved from Virginia to Colorado in 1989, I had to keep working full time and try to pack the house at the same time. I thought I was so smart and organized, packing all but one set of dishes and silverware for each of us (four at the time) plus one pot, one skillet and one casserole dish. Well it never occurred to me I might need a kitchen knife or a slotted spoon sometime! I too had to run to the store one day for the simplest of kitchen tools so I could fix dinner. So don't be too hard on yourself. At least you know you'll have plenty of beans when you get where you're going! : )

  2. Ha, Ha! Sure sounds familiar to our move last June. It's great to keep your sense of humor through this - and when you find your new place. I am still looking for two dinner plates - the last two I kept out for our last two days before moving...all because I refused to buy paper plates!

    Best Wishes in the New Year, Treesong

  3. Moves are their own "force of nature" you just have to go with the flow until it's over with.
    Good luck selling the RV ! I've been on a prepping hiatus to get thru the holidays (and craft season, it's amazing how much you miss it!

  4. We sure are proud of ya for all you've learned and having the courage to follow your dream. Don't sweat the small stuff. It'll probably be tough for while and you'll have to make some sacrifices, like not being able to prep, but it'll all be worth it when you finally sink those roots in. We know know you'll find just the spot your looking for. Best of luck.

  5. Oh, God. Downsizing = not being able to take advantage of deals. Well, rip my heart out! I am missing the good-deal-buying right now so I understand the need to buy a 5 lb bag of good-deal beans, even if you DON'T need them to make beans and rice. I think the hardest thing for me is, now that we live in an RV park full-time, we actually have TV as part of the deal. I just need to turn off the TV, get rid of the mailers with valuable coupons and advertisements on bulk items, and get back to reality. Easier said than done!

  6. Isn't moving grand! Thanks for all your support guys. I'm just gonna ride the tide and see where the big guy leads