Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seeds Of Change

The weather has been picture perfect here today.  Lows in mid fifties this morning.  The sun shining.  Topped out at 73. Same forecast for tomorrow.Winter here is on its last legs.  I know... it's only the end of January and we still have several weeks before it's official. But it's coming!  
I have been getting the itch to start seeds. To plant, to get my hands in the soil. That time in between putting the seeds into the soil and the wonderful morning when you wake up to see a tiny little sprout sticking its head out to see the world it has been brought into. To watch seedlings push out their green leaves towards the sun. To become tall and strong and live the life that nature has mapped out for them. To bear fruit and to nourish the earth.  This year there will be no spring garden for us. Not in the normal sense of it all. When I actually realized that I have to tell you that that one was a hard truth to swallow! No seed sewing? No digging in the dirt. No weeding out the old and inviting new growth.

Until I thought about it a little bit. 

Maybe....just maybe.. we, on this new path in our lives, are the seeds of spring.  On a journey to find the proper "soil" balance.  To weed out the old and find joy in new growth. The place to plant ourselves. To establish strong roots and stand tall and proud. To find just the right fit. To reach for the stars and bring the fruits of our labor to a reality. I know it won't be easy.  Things like this seldom are.  But I am sure, that given proper care and attention, this spring will see new changes and new blossoms that have never grown here between us before.


  1. Sci,I hope your move happens before you get to far into the growing season. FK

  2. We had to put a lot on hold the year we moved here too, Sci. That's just the nature of moving from one place to another. But if you end up in a better place, a place where you CAN put down roots and dig in ...well, it will all be worth it.

  3. I'm still looking for my land. When it happens you will know it. Good luck, and it will happen.

    See Ya

  4. Sci~

    I am sure you will find your own special place to settle down on, plant your seeds and set down roots.

    Just think of this time as a dormant stage in the growing process and that soon, you will be bursting forth with an abundance of new growth and that the roots will have been made strong and planted deep.


  5. What a lovely thought! Can I ride your comet's tail? I know the spring restlessness is coming and while I'm looking forward to spring, I'm not looking forward to the restlessness. Let's hang together and encourage each other.

  6. I want to thank you all for your kind words and for stopping in. Ginger.... hold on tight Girl!!