Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary APN ( and thanks)

This week marks the first anniversary of the American Preppers Network.  It has grown (and continues to grow) into a great voice for the importance of self-reliance.  I can honestly say that this last year has been life changing for me. 

I have come to know so many wonderful people through the network  and all who participate there. Your blogs, comments, chats and forums.   The  knowledge obtained and shared have  opened  new windows that cannot now be closed.  The freindships developed, priceless.

The comment left by my good friend Felinae on a recent post conveys the "heart" of what I am fumbling around trying  to say here.  That there is a rhyme and a reason for the way things happen in all our lives. That we all have a purpose in this life even if we may not understand just what it is sometimes.

Excellent post, my friend.
I for one am glad that you were a miracle case :D
I too believe we are all here for a reason/purpose.

I have yet to figure out what mine is, but I'm pretty sure that you have found your path Sci. In the same way Tom found his by starting the network. 

I have to ask, Do you think it odd that you/we/us all kinda found each other at the same time?

I think about that all the time, and I often tell Catman "how weird that we all came together at one time and we are all within a 10-15 year age span from each other"

It is also weird that the guys, Cat, wolfe, MayB, Bulls, YOF etc. all seem to be cut from the same cloth. For the most part, so are the girls. Seriously, look at how alike you and I are and you and Ernie.
(I can't  leave MMPaints out here either! She's been my inspiration for even blogging in the first place!  lol )Wolfe swears I could be IR sometimes.

I don't know Sci, maybe I read too much into things as well, but I honestly think something or someone brought us all together for a reason.

Maybe that is the reason for us being here. To just be in the here and now for each other, to help us get through this mess in one piece together.

I'll stop now before my comment turns into a blog post. LOL! Sorry for rambling(my mind gets carried away sometimes)


We are all struggling to find the answers in this crazy world. The great part is.... we do not have to do it alone! I am proud to be a part of a network of folks who are willing to help out a fellow prepper.  I have seen amazing things this past year.The knowledge unselfishly shared.  Folks holding out a hand to those who need one. The support given when life seems to be a bit unfair.  The kind words spoken just to brighten someones day.
Please check out my blog roll.  There are more amazing people there.


( Oh and Fel? It turned into a post! :)


  1. Sci, my dear, sweet, friend. You did good with this post. You made me get teary eyed and then laugh out loud at the closing.

    Thank you Sci, for being my friend and for just being you. (((Sci)))


  2. Tanks for the shout out Sci!...I think Bacon and Eggs is coming up on 1 year too right?

  3. I couldn't agree more. THANK YOU APN and Sci, Treesong, Kat, Ernie, Pearls and the guys, too, Mayberry, Hermit, Creekmore and so many more - too numerous to mention.

    Only a couple folks around me are like-minded so it gets rather interesting and hard at times. I have learned so much, been inspired beyond even my wildest dreams and the encouragement has taken me to learning even more skills and finding more talent and stick-to-itiveness than I knew I had.

    When all else seems to be falling apart I know I can turn to my "on-line" friends and be refreshed, energized and lifted up. This is the REAL AMERICA I grew up in when younger. The one filled with those who were self-reliant and self-assured. Living off the land and loving it. Those who knew what community was about and lived it EVERY DAY no matter what the circumstances. Those who knew how to care for everyone in their family and their neighborhood should "life" happen. Those who knew the rewards of hard work, tenacity and getting your hands dirty.

    Those who could work the farm, talk politics, sing the old hymns and sew a beautiful dress....without too much effort. Those who, everytime they opened their mouth, shared something of value and inspiration...not the stupidity and dribble of so many today.

    Everything does happen for a reason and a season. I am so glad to have found folks who understand the way I was raised and why it is so near to my heart, and practical, to be able to care for ourselves by our own hand, hard work and the grace of God! For years folks around here thought I was "odd" - lost in a past generation of a century ago. Now they clamor at my door to learn the skills I grew up with as part of our life in rural America!

    So YEAH...THANK YOU APN, and all others, who are fighting to keep alive the self-reliant, prepper, pioneer spirit on which this country was founded, built and WILL prosper once again!

    Blessings of bounty, grace and peace to all. Standing together, teaching, sharing, encouraging, we will get through these strange times in America to see better days ahead!

    MaMaBear in the Mitten

  4. MaMaBear;
    You said it all. God Bless. Thanks to all you preppers. I thought I was crazy to give up the "Good Life". Now I know I was right.

    See Ya

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  6. It's been a heck of a ride for mee, too, Lady SciFi...
    My Uncle introduced me to blogging, and my first friends there were Catman, Bullseye, and Ken-- HELLAFIED company!
    I was super-stoked when Miss Felinae [finally! HA!] cranked up her own blog, and as much so for all those I've met, in person as well as in the blogosphere.
    Great stuff, Lady SciFi!