Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey...I'm Just Sayin....

I have been reading different forums for awhile now.  Most recently I have become involved in the "new and improved" American Preppers Forums.  It is quite interesting to see how  people look at the same subject in a multitude of ways.  I am going to choose the subject of food storage here just because it is a subject I have a real interest in.
I choose to store food for the future. I don't do it because I think the world is going to end tomorrow. Although who knows what might happen.  Heck if it all came to an end tomorrow I wouldn't need to store food right? There are those who only see the gloom and doom of what "may" come sooner or later .  That the only way to survive is to have hundreds and hundreds  of dollars invested in  MRE's and other long term food storage.  That is all well and good.  If you can do that and are comfortable in your preps then all the better for you.

I prefer to think of food storage as an ongoing investment in my family's future.  While we might be on the brink of TEOTWAWKI it hasn't happened yet. For all we know it could take weeks, months, or years. Shouldn't we be working on the everyday living?  On getting a one week, 3 month, one years supply built?  When I first started prepping the pantry it was really just because I could see how I could save money.  Insurance, as it were, against layoffs and bad weather. Mars works outdoors so when the weather is bad he doesn't get much work.  So when things "happen" we have some wiggle room ya know? 
So it came as a bit of a surprise when I reposted the DIY Powdered Eggs over on the forums and  this was one response.
"are really not necessary for survival in survival conditions........if you have chickens, that's great, and the protein is great BUT, the proteint doesn't store well UNLESS you have VERY cool to cold conditions....I suggest you buy more grains(seeds), even condiments for flavoring..processed protein doesn't store well of ANY kind"

Did I miss something?

If I can store eggs for baking and omelets and such, shouldn't I be doing just that?   I'm thinking that my peanut butter that might have a one year shelf life would still be a viable means of protein. That my tuna needs to be used and replenished.  I understand the idea that food deteriorates in storage....that you loose the nutritional values along the way.  That is what rotation of your stores is all about.  If I need some "insert food here"  I can just go to the pantry and pull it out.  No running to the store because I don't have that ONE item. 
I guess the thing  I don't understand is how you can prepare for the long term if you can't even get past the short term issues. 

Hey... I'm just sayin.....


  1. sci-fi, I must have missed that forum post. I say that entry here and have it bookmarked because I want to try it out.

    All food will lose it's nutritional value, ALL OF IT! I know because I am paid to know about food. so you can trust me :D

    Sometimes you will find yourself distracted from hunger, even low nutritious food is better than nothing. With your belly eased, you can think straight again and be able to hunt. Those without skills and only have stored items will not be able to self sustain themselves for longer than their self life.

    You are doing great! And I wouldn't worry to much about what they said.

  2. Sci...someone said this on our new forum??? did i miss it? am going back in to check and snapping someoene's neck!!!!

    nobody talks to my canning partner that way!!!

  3. Sci~

    Just keep on doing what you're doing, you know what works best for you and Mars.

    There is no wrong way or right way, everyone has their own way of doing things.

    Mine and Catman's way is what works for us at this point in time just as Kymber's and Jambaloney's is what works for them.

    So, Sweetie there is not one set rule for storing preps that works for everyone except for this rule, right here...
    "Store What You Eat and Eat What You Store"

    Many Hugs and Much Love to you, my friend

  4. Phelan thanks! That means alot to me coming from you. And it's not like I took it as a a bad comment but it certainly got me thinking. Which in of itself can't be bad.
    Kymbers I love you girl... you always have my back!
    Fel, as always, you are a voice of reason in a sometimes crowded world.Much love to you as well.

  5. I could not agree with you more ... it's what I've been saying for a long time. Have preps, yes, and MREs are calorie dense and can sustain a body for a good long time, but if it's not something one eats every day, one may not want to rely on that as one's only sustanence long-term. MREs do things to a person's digestive system that aren't entirely pleasant and can be very dangerous in a survival situation, especially if MREs are the only food option.

    My family started preparing, not for TEOTWAWKI, but just in case, because, while I completely believe that we are in the midst of life-changing events (peak oil, climate change, econmoic collapse, civil unrest), I also believe that there are all sorts of more likely scenarios that would result in us needing to use our preps ... like the four-day power outage we had in Dec 2008.

    Personally, I don't store things for "long-term" storage, at least not in the way that is recommended on a lot of the sites I visit. My "preps" have a lot more to do with learning how to store, preserve, grow and forage food in the event that the grocery store is no longer available, and that can (and has and will, again) happen even if TEOTWAWKI doesn't.

    Anyway, just wanted to lend my support, and say that I thought your powdered egg experiment was wicked cool ;).