Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cop calls 911 After Eating Brownies

I find this to funny for words... Am I warped or what?


  1. ROFLMAO!!!

    If you are warped, I am right there with you. LOL!

    That was funny!! Thanks Sci!


  2. OMG Scifi, hubby and I are in tears... Are they gonna have a bake sale any time soon?

  3. Ok, this is real funny...."and I think we're dead, time is going by really, really slow"...LMAO!!!

    I could care less if the dude is home making brownies or smoking pot, whatever, he's got every right to do that in my book. It's the fact that he was confiscating (stealing) other peoples pot for himself...Goood he lost his damn job.