Sunday, August 23, 2009

It has been so hot here. The drought continues, with no end in sight. It has been a strange year. Most of the people I have talked to and read blogs from have had one of the strangest summers in recent history. Super wet in the north and super dry in the south.

Lot's of gardens apparently didn't fair well. I know ours really didn't produce.Even the okra, which loves hot weather, has had minimal output this year. We had no luck at all with the corn. A few ears is all we got. The corn bores got to it before it was fully mature. I have heard alot of other people have had corn problems as well.

Our best crop was squash by far. We canned over 40 quarts and froze a few pounds too. I only managed to get 14 pints of tomato's this spring season as opposed to last years 30. I am hoping the fall tomato's will do better.
I planted turnips, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, brussel sprouts and winter squash almost three weeks ago. The only thing that has sprouted up is the squash. I figured it was because it was so hot and dry. We water daily as we are on well water and can afford to do so.

The armadillo's have been rooting in the west garden so I am not sure anything is even going to come up. If not, I will replant next week. We have a really long growing season here so we should have a little leeway. I hope so anyway!

I have had no luck in finding seed potato's this fall even though we can plant them here this time of year. I was thinking about going to Whole Foods and finding some organic potato's to try. Apparently the ones we planted in the spring were GMO. Anyone think this might work? I'm going to give it a shot anyway. It can't hurt to try right? I still haven't given up the idea that the potato's in a sack idea will work! Dang it if Kymbers can grow potato's I want some too!!

I have a confession to make. I broke down last week and bought a loaf of bread last week. The first one I have bought since finding the bread machine several months ago. I almost feel like I have cheated! Go figure. It's ok though.... I only bought one! LOL. I have a loaf in the machine as we speak! I'm going to make another loaf of chili bread when I get home from work tonite. I haven't made one in over a week and that's not flying well with the DH!

Well I have to get ready for work so I will catch up with all of you guys later. Have a great day. My suggestion for the day is..... Call someone you love today. Just pick up the phone. You could make someones day brighter and you will be all the happier for it too. Trust me, you will.

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  1. Hey gurl - so sorry to hear about your crappy weather and dismal results in the garden - this HAS been a strange growing season for everyone! My regular onions and bunching onions just won't grow and i know that it can't be bad seed as i planted several different varieties??? it's enough to make me want to pull out my hair! my tomatoes are all starting to colour finally so we should be starting to harvest those sometime in the next week or so - i am so excited and so scared at the same time! am gonna need all of your canning tips and advice! as for the potatoe seed - there is none to be had around here either - not sure what is up with that?!?! but go and buy a couple of organic potatoes at the store. put them in a sunny window and see if they sprout eyes...when they do...cut them up into seed size and plant them. i think it will work!!!
    (sorry for the long comment - it just seems like i haven't spoken to you in forever!)
    hope all is well with you and DH my friend!

  2. I know it has been a stranges summers here in VA this year we have had loooots of rain if still need to cut hay but it rains 6 out of 7 dayes here

  3. Beck's its hard to believe isn't it!

    Kymber, you just let me know when and if you need help with ANYTHING. I so understand the excited and scared part too but you will do fine! It is actually good that your first time will be with tomato's. I find them easier just because you only waterbath them.
    As for the potato's, That's exactly what I had in mind! Great minds and all that.... :)

  4. Scifi- it has been weird here in the desert too. Last year was much hotter and we grew more too.

    We battled grasshoppers and because I went back east for a few weeks the garden took a dive.

    Wonder what winter is going to bring??