Monday, August 10, 2009

100th Post

I cant believe that this is my 100th post since beginning this blog. Which makes today all the more special!

I was headed to the tobacco store after work today. Maybe it was because I was tired, but somehow I managed to miss the turn. Of course I was in the wrong lane and traffic was bad. I needed to turn around and head back the right way. By the time I managed to get in the right lane to make the turn I found myself on the street that our local thrift store is on.
Now, I don't have any money to spend at the thrift store... I don't really know why I decided to go ahead and stop there.
It was just a feeling that maybe I should.
I walked up to the door and sitting outside the entrance was a cart with several cases of canning jars on it. There was a sign on them that said FREE CANNING JARS. Can you believe that? I looked at that cart and was way!

Well I jumped on this one quick! I pushed the cart out to the truck and loaded those beautiful jars in the back. When I got home I did a quick inventory of my newfound treasures. I am happy to tell you that I walked away from there with 5 cases of quart jars, 4 cases of pint jars and 2 cases of jelly jars!

I never even made it into the store as I somehow knew this was what I was supposed to end up there for.

Divine Providence? I am somehow inclined to believe that it was.

Hey..... I'm Just Sayin.....


  1. Howdy,
    First time reader here! Great Blessing, and yes....I'm sure it was divine providence. These are the moments worth celebrating!

    Hubby hit a garage sale and got 75 assorted canning jars two weeks ago for $5 and I got excited about that! Have fun filling the jars - know you'll enjoy it and have it when it is needed!

    Enjoying the site - great photos - are these your garden?

    MamaBear in the Mitten

  2. Sheesh SF - how lucky can u be?? What a great find! Being led is a good thing if done by the right ONE!

  3. Congrats on your 100th post! That's an amazing find. I wish I could come across a deal like that everyday!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  4. Awesome find!!! We're on the lookout now for more since it appears we'll be reeeaalllyy close this year. Goodwill has been asking rediculous prices for theirs lately, last I saw was a box of 20 marked $5. 2 years ago that woulda been a buck.

  5. Excellent and double congrats! Some folks is just way too lucky ;) LOL

  6. Cool, Scifi!

    Congrats on 100 posts and excellent find on those jars, something or someone chose to lead you to that thrift store, that's for sure.

    I'm doing the happy dance for ya!


  7. welcome MamaBear! Great deal on the hubsters find! I would have been excited with that one too.... hopefully we will both be filling our jars with the lands bounty this season! As for the photos....yes they are. All the pictures here come straight from my camera!

    Ernies..... what can I say?

    Matt... ty! I never thought I would get to 100. Heck I wasn't sure I could do this for more than a few weeks....and look what has become of it!

    Chris... Thanks! Our Goodwill seems to think they are in the same market as the local china store with their jars. I've been lucky this year. Sometime in the early spring I found a deal on Craigslist and ended up with several cases...I can't remember just now how many...several cases for 4 bucks apiece and THAT was a great deal too!

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  8. Yippie on your 100th post!!

    What an incredible twist to a lovely find!! I am ever so happy for you!!

    Now I can't wait to see what you fill in the jars!
    New Mexico Preppers

  9. oh SciFiChick - big giant Canadian congrats on your 100th post - what an accomplishment for someone who didn't think they would last more than a few weeks - i am very proud of you!

    and congrats on such a lucky find at the thrift store! we all know that canning jars are just going to keep getting more and more expensive and i am glad that you got a nice pile of them! and like Jen said - i can't wait to see them all filled up with yummy food!

    this is awesome news girl!

  10. Congrats on your 100th post and on your wonderful find at the thrift store. I love it when that happens!

  11. Congrats on your 100th SF! Fabulous luck on the canning jars too!

  12. Congrats on your 100th.

    Remember to always follow that feeling, congrats on the canning jars. hope to see pics of the filled ones.

  13. MM I wish I was always so lucky!!

    Humble Wife I already have a start on it. I put up my first jelly yesterday!

    Kymbers, you are so right about the jars. There could come a time when jars might be hard to come by. I priced quart jars yesterday at 9.66 a case and pints were 7.50. Made me feel all the luckier!

    Sonya, thank you so much!

    Molly, to bad stuff like that happens so seldom.

    Rubies!!! Thanks for stopping in. I know what you mean about following that "feeling". You know that first hand!

    Thanks to you all for stopping in!