Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things Around the House

Ernie over at the Indiana Preppers Network was on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley this morning. She did a wonderful job in her discussion of the APN, among other things prepper! Check her out!

I tried my hand at strawberry jelly yesterday and am proud to say it all went well. I've never made jelly before so I am quite pleased with the results.

I found a great deal on fifteen pounds of potato's at the local grocery. I couldn't pass it up but the two of us will never eat fifteen pound's before they go bad. Now what in the world am I going to do with all those taters? LOL You guessed it! Break out the dehydrator and let her rip!

I'm trying out a recipe tonight in the slow cooker. Pork Loin (I'm going to treat it as a roast)with all food storage stuff. Dehydrated carrots and peas, dried celery, basil from the garden, and a few other things tossed in. It will be interesting to find out how all this stuff does. I'm glad I pulled out the carrots from the mason jar as somehow the seal let loose. Of course after finding that, I had to check all the other jars seal. Happy to say it was the only one!

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  1. Let us know how the great pork loin experiment goes! Sounds good to me (yum).
    LOVE the song video at the bottom! You know word is spreading when they start making revolution songs about it!

  2. The jelly looks awesome!! I need to make some rolls and we could have a party!

  3. I've tried to post a number of times but my google acct gave me trouble. Just wanted to say your jam looks delicious. I'll bake the bread if you bring some over. I missed doing strawberry jam this season.

  4. Oh that looks so good. I know it is....We do roast porks all the time. We have one we do with just potatoes and onions in it. Hubby makes a brown sauce to cook it in. And to pour over it. The sauce is very German in taste. It's oh so good!

  5. Okay SF - my mouth is watering now!! Sounds yummy and the jelly looks awesome - I am so proud of you - you make me realize that I can do it too!!:)