Saturday, August 8, 2009

APN On the Radio... Chicks ROCK

Have you ever just got to the point where you realize you are just plain old tired? No real reason for it. Just an overwhelming sense of needing to rest and refresh?
I'm there! I am mentally drained. I think it might be the heat getting to me. We have been over 100 degrees for almost 7 weeks now. Funny how the heat can get to ya even if you do work in the AC. It's like all I can do to focus on the basics these last few days. Feeding the animals, watering the garden and the mundane BS that everyday life encompasses. I am behind on the dishes, behind on the laundry, behind on most everything.
It has been with some effort this week that I got some more of the garden seeded and kept watered. DH helps with that thank goodness.

The one bright spot this week happened today. After much shuffeling of schedules and several emails... I was invited to sit on the panel of the American Preppers Network on BlogTalkRadio today. Kymbers, Paulette, Phelan, and Ernie were all there! You girls rock btw! I think the chatroom kindof freaked out the host (James Stevens) Download it here. I am sure he was not aware of the fact that most of the people he was seeing in the chatroom were APN memebers. Said he had never had such an audience for one of his shows! LOL I wasn't about to tell him any different! Thanks to all of you who were listening and commenting and calling. It was great to actually put a voice to you guys! I wish he had let us talk more but I will not complain. You guys rocked! It seems he is very interested in having more shows with members of APN/Cpn which can only be a good thing. The guys will be on next Saturday at 1PM central time. Tune in if ya can as I am sure it will be good. I think the network is getting ready to take off like gangbusters. Tom and all the guys (and gals) have been working so hard and I think we may see paydirt soon.

Hey .... I'm just sayin.....


  1. It was GREAT SF! :) Loved talking with you all. Hey, I am an idiot - I don't have your email - so, email me at lol!

    Great post - and yes, we, too are tired for no particular reason and yet can't seem to get to sleep much before 3:00a.m.! Go figure...

  2. Scifi~ you did great, I got to hear part of the show before I left for work.


  3. Sci - it was awesome to get to "meet" you and talk with you on the show - you did a fantastic job! thanks so much for going through the trouble to re-arrange your schedule and be there for the preppers network yesterday - we really did rock!

    and luv - sounds like you need a day off - i hope that you aren't working today. if you aren't, make sure you give yourself some downtime!