Friday, June 12, 2009

Christmas in June

What a surprise I had yesterday when I checked the mail. There was a note telling me that there was a package for me in the office. For the life of me I couldn't remember having ordered anything lately. I went to the office and much to my surprise and delight to this package from my mom. She totally rocks!! I have been looking in the thrift stores for months now for a dehydrator with no luck. I guess she's been reading my blog. LOL THANKS MOM - I LOVE YOU!
So now I will be trying to dry some stuff. I'll keep ya posted on my progress.

The garden's are both doing well. The tomato's are coming in well now. I don't think we will have the masses that we had last year but you just never know. DH harvested 15+ pounds of squash this week. I still need to go pick the peas and beans today. More canning to do today but I really don't mind a bit. There is something about all those pretty jars full of veggies that makes my heart happy!


  1. Wow, squash sounds like its doing great! And super surprise from Mom on the dehydrator. I keep looking for one when I hit the thrift stores but no luck here either. Too many people with the same idea I guess.

  2. This is so cool. What a great surprise.


  3. lots of people make jerky, but it limits how you can use the meat. My kids favorite treat was just simple unseasoned dry meat. It is still very good to snack on. and stores for a long time

  4. Little Ant, good luck on your search...I bet you will run into one!

    Hiya's Felinea LOL you should have seen me when I saw it. I was like a little kid who got her wish from Santa!
    Sweethearts Mom, I can hardly wait to start playing with it. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. oh you lucky, lucky girl! i am sooo happy for you!

    and check out the videos that Rubies put up on the forum about dehydrating food...i haven't gone through all of them yet but i definitely will do and maybe you can learn some tips/tricks for your fancy, new dehydrator!!!

    make sure to take pics and post about it when you use it!

    again my friend - a big congrats to you!!!

  6. Good on yer Ma!

    I am getting one of those bastards.
    Screw canning vegetables, I live in a trailer.
    Canning meat is going to be interesting here soon though.
    Good Luck!