Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Stuff

Well it is sure feeling like summer here. It's been in the mid-90's for days now. I surely am glad that we have the awning for the trailer. It makes everything soooo much more bearable. We pretty much live in the yard (or the garden) this time of year. An extension to the house if you will.

We finally got our first ripe red tomato this week. You can't beat that flavor and your darn sure cant buy one like it. I just had to post a picture of this squash too!! LOL!

We have new kittens. The calico (KerryKitty) is now a mom, and a really good one too! I was a little worried at first as she has always been a bit on the wild side.

We were going to have her fixed once before and then decided to let her have one litter to see if it would mellow her out. It worked! She actually will come looking for attention rather than stare at you from across the yard. I'll post some pics when they start wandering out from under the trailer.


  1. Hi,

    That tomato looks really good.

    Aww...the kittens are so cute. I like the one with the orange spots.

    Now that is one interesting looking squash. LOL!


  2. i love the squash, the tomatoe and the kittens! and i completely understand what you mean about living in the garden - we do the same!