Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Morning

 It's a few minutes after 7am as I write this and I am blessed this morning with one of the most beautiful sunrises just outside my window. Beautiful tints of reds and oranges through the bare limbs of the trees and a layer of frost glittering on the ground.   Often I don't get up early enough to enjoy them. Mars and I have our own sort of schedules, him usually being the early riser and me being the night owl will rise a bit later.  Every once in awhile, for no apparent reason, things "change" a little as they did this morning and our situations reverse.  So I sit here in the early morning light. the smell of fresh coffee brewing and watch the beginning of a beautiful December day.

      ~~~~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin'  ...  ~~~~~~


  1. Sounds very peaceful and beautiful SFC.

    An a cup of coffee is the perfect accompaniment.

    I think I'll have a cup of tea. :)

  2. Fresh coffee and a quiet sunrise to enjoy! Not many things better in this ol' world!

    You have a wonderful day, my friend!

  3. SFG Thanks! It's a good day for sure. Hope yours is just as nice.

    Skippy, Enjoy!

    Jim, you sure got that right. I hope your day is a good one.