Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Has Arrived

It seems the weather has turned the corner on into winter here.  I suppose that shouldn't surprise me as it IS the first week of  December.  I still find that I have to occasionally have to remind myself that I now live in a place that, although mild, has distinct seasons.  It's been chilly and wet here the past few days and I've found myself hanging out in the house and drinking hot beverages and doing some baking.  On today's agenda is another batch of bread.  I've got a new pie recipe I'll share with you later this week.  I figured that two recipe's in a row wouldn't be the right thing to do. Especially since my postings are spread a bit thin lately. 

Mars has pretty much completed what he can do around here to winterize the place. There is still the window air conditioner unit to contend with but that's just a minor thing.  The well house is insulated, all the water pipes are wrapped, and the RV has been skirted with the older tin from the barn. We will be on the lookout for some paint to "pretty" it up with but for now it serves its purpose.The water hoses, yard furniture and various things around the yard are all in the barn and the rabbits have been moved in there as well.

I've put away most all of our summer clothes and exchanged them for our winter ones. The only things I can't find are my good gloves and those awesome wrist-warmers that my friend Mushroom made for me last year. I'm still searching for those but at this point I'm not sure where else to look. <sigh>  From the looks of the forecast for this coming week I better hustle up and figure out just where I might have put them.  We are looking at highs in the low 40's during the day and down in the low 20's at night. 

Now I know that for you guys up north this isn't really all that cold but just to give you guys an idea of what type of temperatures I'm accustomed to dealing with this time of year the forecast down in Texas is calling for the 60's during the day and in the mid 40's at night and that's only because they are having a bit of rain moving thru the area!  I am really happy to hear that some of my Texas buddies are actually getting some of that wet stuff.  Heaven knows they need all they can get down there. 
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  1. Snuggle and enjoy. Stash the coffee and hot chocolate deep. Have a good one.

  2. SciFiChick,

    A suggestion about that paint you mentioned. A lot depends on just how fussy you want to be. I generally am NOT bonded to any particular color of paint and use the stuff more for preservation of what is under the paint.

    SO, armed with that, a visit to a paint store may net you some treasures. Usually they have many buckets of paint that someone rejected for one reason or another. Given you want "a light color" or a "dark color" and you want exterior paint, you can collect enough to paint your house, barn, whatever.

    Last time I went they had five buckets of "dark" and when mixed together they yielded a beautiful brown. Cost $5/gal and since I took it all, they lowered the price even more...$20/5 gal bucket.

    So the question is how fussy are you?


  3. We are indeed getting wet stuff, Sci ...measurable rain at least one day a week for three out of the last four weeks and woke up to heavy rain this morning. By daylight we had an inch. It's supposed to continue on and off through tomorrow evening. It's wonderful!

    Suggestion for the wrist warmers ...look wherever it was that you finally found that pesky camera cord. Remember how long THAT was missing?! In the meantime, do you have tube socks that are worn out? I save ours when they get 'holey' and use them to dust. I have half a dozen pairs at any given time. If you have some, you can cut the 'foot' away from the tube and use the tubes as wrist warmers until you find the ones you're looking for.

    : )

  4. Stephen, you just can't go wrong with coffee OR chocolate! Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

    Winston as I've never been known to be particularly picky about things like "what matches what" I think your suggestion is awesome! I'll be looking into it. And WTG on the super score on the $20 dollar find!!

    HB, again I have to say you are brilliant! I will confess that I never have found that pesky cord but was lucky enough to find a second USB cord that came with the camera. On the tube socks..... Girl I'm ON IT! Thanks!

  5. Speaking for myself [but I don't think your other friends would mind] I will happily take two recipes in a row. Your recipes are great.

    Sounds like you are ready for winter - and I love Winston & HB's suggestions - both of which I have done numerous times.

  6. i am glad to hear that you guys are getting all winterized and settling in. we have a few more things to finish and then we'll be settling in as well. i am looking forward to dark, winter nights spent at the kitchen table spreading out my seeds and planning next year's attempt....teehee!

    your friend,

  7. Better you than me on the cold stuff! I am enjoying the rain! Lord knows we need it!

    Glad you are getting to the point that you can snuggle in for the cooler weather!

    You keep those feet warm, my friend!

  8. Skippy, your wish is my command! Pie recipe to follow!!

    Kymber I know what you mean. It's time for the seed inventory and I'm looking forward to my new seed catalogs. I just LOVE dreaming about all the cool things to come.

    Jim, I'm still working on getting used to "real" winters. It sure is a change! How did you know I have icecicles for feet? LOL