Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Planting Tomato's (Again)

Well, after messing around for over a week, I finally got the blueberry plants in the ground.  I'm not sure how they are going to do though.  Once I got them out of the bag and got a look at them there wasn't alot of root.  Basically little twigs. They sure don't look like much at the moment. I guess we will find out how they will do. It isn't like I spent a fortune on them.  At 75% off  I'm willing to see how they will do. Mars spent a good deal of time getting the soil worked and ready for them.   The beds are about 3 /12 feet wide and 6 feet long and I planted the bushes right in the middle.  If they DO take off they should have plenty of room to grow.  Since we still have over two dozen tomato plants that need to go in the dirt I'm going to use the beds and stick them in as well.  I figure we might as well use the space while we can for other things to grow.  If there is room after getting the tomato's in I think I'm going to stick what herbs I have started in there.  I'm still amazed that I even got some of them started.  I don't have a good track record with herbs! 

UPDATE:  The tomato's are all in the ground and all the berries are in as well.  Good grief, it's about time! I've only been talking about it for what seems like weeks.  I'm trying something new (for me) this time with this round of tomato's.  They have been in containers since I started them from seed and have been in them wayyy to long.  So they ended up a bit root bound and really "leggy".  When planting tomato's I have always planted them really deep.  I will plant them about half way in the ground. The roots will grow all the way up to the top of the dirt soil. It makes the stalks more sturdy and the whole plant much stronger. 
The problem with the one's I put in today is that they were an average of a little over 2 foot tall.  That's an awfully deep hole to have to dig.  So I didn't!!  What I did was to dig a little trench, laid them over, and planted them sideways. Then I just sort of bent the top of the plants up above the dirt soil and watered them in.  Now we can just sit back and wait.  I have a feeling they will do great.  From all that I've read they should.  
I'll make a confession now.  I think the most tomato plants I've ever planted at one time was 8-10.  And even then I had more tomato's than I knew what to do with. I'm a little nervous this year with over  4 dozen in the ground.  I can already see them coming out of my ears.   Of course I plan on canning as many as I can. I'll try my hand at sauces, salsa's, ketchup and juice as well as diced, quartered, whole, seasoned and stewed.  And I'll dry all I can too. I still haven't done a real "count" to see how many we actually planted this time, but I do know its A LOT! Can tomato's actually come out of your ears??    
I'd have taken a picture but I still can't find my camera so all I have is my phone camera.  Besides, its dark out now and if I had waited.... you wouldn't be reading this yet!

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  1. Keep us updated on the count and what you do with them. Best of luck.

  2. You can always send me any extra tomatoes that you may reap. (grin) Hope your garden does well for you.

  3. Don't feel bad. Last year we planted 82 tomatoes. We still didn't have enough. I think we like tomatoes.

  4. Sounds like you may be opening a road side stand SCF with all the extra. :) I love homemade canned spaghetti sauce. Oh yum! And we add canned tomatoes to so many things.

    Sounds like great progress. Thanks for the update and please keep 'em coming.

  5. The most tomato plants I ever had at one time was when I lived in East Texas!

    Had a "small" garden. My ex at the time owned 2 plant farms and needless to say, was always giving us plants! I ended up with 4 rows of tomatoes, each row being 100 feet long! That's a LOT of tomatoes!

    Good luck!

  6. If it could happen, I would rather have money running out my ears than tomatoes.

  7. Well this year I was careful and I have a bout 10 plants and I keep wanting to sneak off to Home Depot and get more but I keep reminding myself of last year, It sure is hard though.
    I hope your blueberries go crazy.

  8. They may not be comming out of your ears but I can think of a couple of other places. We freeze alot of tomatoes. And make ketchup. FK

  9. Where did you get the blueberries? We want to try some berry bushes SO bad but I've been told they don't do so well in the desert (Arizona). I do have some strawberries going though.

  10. i wish i was your kinds of nervous Hunny

  11. Momlady Thanks- Hey maybe I SHOULD keep a count on them. It might be kind of interesting to see what we come up with.

    HermitJim all I can say is WOW, now that's alot of 'maters.

    Dizzy its too bad we aren't closer...

    SFG ya think? LOL

    SkippyMom Gee thanks, Now I'm craving spaghetti!

    MDRedneck me and you both but the tomato's are probably all I'm gonna get... Maybe next year?

    FarmGirl I know that feeling...This time of year it's hard to NOT go find more veggies to put out.

    FK!!! Ya goof... Hey do you have a ketchup recipe you can share?

    Orange Jeep Dad I found the blueberries marked down to 75% off at Lowe's. I don't know if they would grow out there either- but stranger things have happened right? I'd like to have some strawberries but it looks like I'll have to wait a bit.

    Chef- I've seen your ghetto garden.... I wish you were nervous too!!! LOL :P