Monday, May 9, 2011

Dehydrated Onions

I had pictures for this post... Honestly! I did!  The problem is that I can't find my camera to download them.  We went down to pick up the last of our things from Mrs M's and I know I took it with me.  I just can't seem to find it.  Things have been hectic (what an understatement) around here lately.  I hope everyone had a Super Mother's Day and a wonderful weekend.

OK... Is it just me or have onions begun to resemble the gold exchange?  I'm really tired of having to pay an average of over a $1.00 lb for them. Not long ago they were up to $1.98 lb. Which is the reason I'm sharing how easy it is to dry them. When they get that pricey I break out a jar whenever I can.  I've been looking for them to go on sale now for awhile and this past week they finally did.  I  picked up about 15 pounds for $0.29lb.  Now I wish I had bought more as they went right back up again this week!  I'll keep my eyes open for more though.  

We use ALOT of onions here. I like them in almost anything and as far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as too much.   So I like to keep some on hand at all times,  I just don't like having to pay the price for them.  That is why I dehydrate onions.  They are great to use in any cooked dish that calls for them. (and around here most do!)  Some folks say that it is easier to just buy Dried Onions.  Maybe so, but I'm trying to live on a really small budget. Heck the hardest part is cutting up the onions,  so for me it's a no brainer.

Dehydrating onions is super easy. Cut, dry and put up till you need them.  They will store just as long as the Dried Minced Onions you find at the grocery store.  The best part is that they are over 50% less when you do it yourself! 

 (1) Just dice them up in uniform pieces and (2) spread them on your dryer trays.  I use my screen's for the trays since they end up being pretty small pieces.  (3)  Set your dehydrator to 135* to 145* and dry them for about 4 hours. (5)  Check the onions about four or five hours into drying. I spread them out a bit more and then dry for a couple more hours. (6) When they are done they will be crisp and dry.  Let them cool and store them in a canning jar.  I use my FoodSaver attachment and vacuum seal them.  If you don't have one that's ok too.  They will still keep for a long time.

DIY dried onions will store just as long as the Dried Minced Onions you find at the grocery store.  The best part is( cause I'm cheap ... err frugal like that) that they are over 50% less when you do it yourself!  
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  1. Thanks for the info. I had just ordered my first dehydrator, an Excalibur, about an hour before I read your post. I can't hardly stand the wait until it gets here.

  2. You got to move closer to where the onions grow! Brown onions here in AZ are .29 a pound year around. Remember too,doing a lot of onions or hot peppers will really fill the house with fumes during the beginning,so I keep a fan and window open.
    Dean in az

  3. I need to get a dehydrator!

  4. I love some good onions, dry or raw...! I keep them around all the time and use them in almost everything except my coffee!

    Having them always around sure comes in handy!

  5. I haven't dehydrated onions because I'm kind of afraid the aroma would overtake the house and not leave. Any tips on how to dehydrate them without the smell lingering for a long time?

  6. I also love onions ... cooked, dehydrated, green, red, yellow, white or raw ... ONIONS RULE, and I put them into EVERYTHING, too :)

  7. Dizzy! You have good taste :)

    OP3 WoW! An Excalibur? Sweet deal! I call them the Cadillac of dehydrators.. You are going to love it!

    Dean, It will take a whole lot more than inexpensive onions to get me to move again anytime soon! LOL

    Frann- I know how you love DIY stuff. There are lots and lots of plans on the net to make your own solar dryer.

    Hermit Jim I have to agree,onions are NOT good in coffee! Once I accidentally poured a cup of coffee in a cup I had rehydrated onions in. YUCK!!!

    Stocking Up I guess I should have mentioned the aroma factor. If you are worried about the smell lingering just set your dehydrator out on the porch or patio. Same thing goes for things like garlic!

    ~mc~ Ain't onions wonderful!!!!

  8. Hi

    here's a few extra tips: Quarter the onions, put in the processor a few pulses, throw into a plastic strainer which is in a bowl. Let drain for a 1/2 hour. Keep the onion juice and put in ice cube trays in freezer for the next soups you make. Put the dehydrator OUTSIDE!!! so you don't gag! The rest is as you have said.