Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breakfast Taco's

I have a question for you guys.  Is eating breakfast tacos a Texas thing? Or maybe a southern border thing? I've noticed that there is a lack of places here that sell a good breakfast taco.  Well, to be honest, I haven't seen ANY. Back in Texas there are places everywhere.  Even Taco Trucks!  So it got me to wondering how many folks actually eat breakfast tacos.  
They are such an easy meal to make.  The clean-up is a breeze too.  One pan, a spatula, a spoon to dip the salsa with and some napkins!  It doesn't get much easier.  For those of you who have never tried them, you just don't know what you have been missing!
You can start easy with some crumbled sausage in your scrambled eggs and then wrap it up in a tortilla. Try adding some grated cheese too, of course then you are going to have to wash the grater....  Anyway, there are pretty much endless variations of the simple breakfast taco.  You just need to start with flour tortilla's and let your imagination just go with it.  Bacon, ham, chorizo (mexican spicy sausage) or sausage are all good starts.  Scramble some eggs add the meat of your choice, maybe some fried chunks of potato's, some good salsa and roll it all up into a quick easy breakfast. I like sauteed onions and/or green peppers. Diced fresh tomato's are good too.  If you have a good picante sauce or a nice salsa to top it off with... yummm.  The hubster love's jalapeno or Serrano peppers with his.  Oh and don't forget the cheese!  If you don't like eggs you can always try a meat and potato taco.  I'm about 50/50 on the potato choices. Fried diced potato's good, but then again you can't beat soft fried potato's. 
I haven't made tortilla's in a year or more.  Things have just been different, but I'm going to start making them again.  Mars and I both love to eat tortilla's like alot of folks eat white bread. Breakfast taco's are one of my favorite quick and easy meals.  Another great thing is that they are good "to go" food.  Quick and easy, they make a great meal!
Anyway.... I was just sort of curious to see if breakfast taco's are a regional thing.  Do you eat them in your neck of the woods?  Oh  and if you decide to try some don't forget an extra napkin or two.  Sometimes ya dribble!

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  1. Absolutely a huge hit here - we make them all the time.

    I know the street carts sell them in DC, but I don't know that are offered out here in the 'burbs of VA. I haven't looked because we like ours.

    Now you have made me hungry and not a tortilla to be had. Mom fail. :)

  2. Maybe it's a difference in semantics. We don't do tacos, but in South Georgia we do have breakfast burritos everywhere. Seems every restaurant has them on the menu too. We think of tacos only as hard shell. Same thing?

  3. Like Alex may just be a difference in the name! I've heard them both ways and the taste and makin's are the same!

    Can't imagine a place without them!

  4. I've always just called it a Breakfast Wrap: eggs scrambled with chopped ham, chipotle sauce, garlic relish, chunky salsa and grated parmesan cheese folded up into a tortilla. A nice quick breakfast for company too!

  5. I've always called them breakfast burritos. Funny, I was just reading on another blog about making homemade tortillas. We haven't ever made breakfast burritos at home. The only places I know of that sell them locally are fast food joints like McD's and Braums (the Braums ones are pretty good).

  6. Yeah same out here in Cali, Sci, they call 'em breakfast burritos. Now to answer the question, yes I eat them, love them, for the same reasons you do. Easy clean-up, yummy, and it's easy to take when you're on the run. ;) You know what is awesomely good? Chorizo, scrambled eggs and potato burritos. There is a little place in San Jaun Bautista that serves those...OMG! die for.

    Have a wonderful day!
    ♥ to you & Mars.

  7. I got that beat! We have the breakfast burrito/tace thing in az,but if you get bored,try this out!
    a pie pan,lightly greased.A tortilla.Cover with a beaten egg.another tortilla.cover with your fav meat.another tortilla,cover with egg,a layer of peppers,another tortilla and egg...make a layered breakfast pie!Imagine a breakfast lasagna,use your imagination and build it as high as you want,toss in the oven at 350 til cooked thru.
    Dean in az

  8. SkippyMom Ya know it's hard for this tadpole to believe in a "mom fail" :)

    Alex, it seems that maybe I've just been looking for the wrong name? Nahh, still no breakfast taco's here though.. :( Then again that may just be because of the lack of restaurant's in my little town.

    Jim, LOL I can't imagine it either. That's why I was asking you guys. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy here!! LOL

    Oll. Anne. That sound delicious! I'm going to have to try your recipe.

    Kris I haven't tried Braum's taco's(burrito's) but OMG McD's is SO GROSS! Hubby asked me once if I wanted to stop and get one for breakfast...I was like.. Uhhh.... just take me home and I'll make my own!

    Fel, I remember when I lived in Cali that there were wonderful little places all over that had the most amazing burrito's (and other yummy mexican foods) LOL I should have known that my "sister by another mother" would love them as much as I do!! :)

    Dean!!! You rock! I love this recipe. I've made breakfast pies before but never thought of putting the "burrito" twist to it. Thanks!

  9. Due to dentist appt for both hubby and I this AM we required soft easy to eat lunch. So we had Breakfast Burritos for lunch: flour tortilla heated in the microwave, then shredded cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, fresh diced tomatoes, sour cream. They'd be good for breakfast too!!

    Here in SW FL they're called Breakfast Burritos.

  10. We eat breakfast tacos...but with corn tortillas. But I'm from CA - so it is what it is - Afro just likes taco anything at anytime. I've never seen anyone who can eat tacos every other day. That's why I had to include taco fixins in the preps...instead of lettuce I just rehydrate cabbage and chop and mist with lemon and chili powder. ps) Breakfast Tacos are totally different from Breakfast Burritos lol...

  11. got one for the hubby too! We made these in a restaurant I used to work at yrs ago.Sliced bell pepper's,about 3/8 thick rings,bread them in your fav pancake mix,or bread them as normal,then freeze them.Once frozen,deep fry them.I know,not really good for you,but soooo tasty! Imagine an onion ring.We used red and green mild,so I'm not sure what hot peppers would do to the oil.Maybe long thin strips like a french fry?
    Dean in az

  12. Drool....
    We call them Breakfast burrito's out West, as in the ocean ain't too far from here.
    Dayum, It's been a long time.
    My favourite was scrambled eggs, soft fried taters, country gravy with link susage and raw onions, oh, and the mandatory red chile sauce.
    oh HELL YEAH!