Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miss Kitty's New Adventures

Miss Kitty seems to have settled in nicely in her new surroundings. She has hundreds of acres to roam around now.  She has always been quite the hunter.  Even as a small kitten she would find and catch lizards and other little critters and bring them home to "play them to death".  I know it's just natural for a cat to do. They are, by nature, hunters. She likes nothing better than to catch something and bring it to show me what she has done. 
It can be a bit unnerving at times though. Like the time she walked right up to me (while I wasn't looking) and laid a live snake between my feet!  Oh yeah, that one is still memorable and I have a scar on my shin to prove it.  A scar?  Yep, from running into a cinder block dead on at 90 miles an hour while trying to escape the area! I really wish she didn't feel the need to show  me every single thing she catches.  I don't know if she is just showing off or if maybe she is trying to do her fair share and contribute to the family food storage..... Either way I wish she would just "keep it to herself"!  I mean, I know she is proud of herself.  That much is evident in the way she paces back and forth with her tail held high and meowing like she is saying "Look at what I brought home for dinner".   Uh .. thanks but... no thanks?
  Since we moved out here she has brought home another snake (grass snake), a lizard, a mouse, several birds and two small rabbits.  I told her she needed to work on the size of the rabbits next time!  Not nearly big enough for a family meal yet!

I woke up the other morning about 5 A.M. and stumbled all  bleary eyed and yawning  into the bathroom to .... well, you know... I had to GO.  It was still pretty dark and I stepped into something wet.  The first thing that crossed my mind was " Gross!  Mars must have missed <insert sigh here>  How hard is it to hit a target that big?"  And then I looked down.  There, right beside the toilet , laid a BIG RAT.  No where to run (RV bathrooms are tiny) I just sort of started backing up and yelled O.M.G!!!  Mars hollered back "What is it??"  So of course I answered... "O.M.G"  I guess that wasn't what he wanted to hear because he asked again "What IS it".   By this time I was backing out into the hall and screeching "A RAT, a BIG RAT!"  I thought my heart was going to come right out of my chest it was beating so hard.  I wasn't sure if it was still alive but I wasn't taking any chances by staying in there.  And that is when I noticed  it wasn't moving and that most of its insides were now outside.  Gross!  Really really gross.  That thing's body was at LEAST 7 inches long before you count the tail.  Now I know you are probably thinking that 7 inches isn't really all that long but hey, it wasn't laying in YOUR bathroom at 5o'clock in the morning!  That thing was huge I tell ya, gianormus!  
I don't feel the urgency, living this far out, that I used to about locking the door at night.  But I guarantee that the kitty door will be closed and double checked before I go to bed from here on out!!
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  1. LOL!!!!! I had to spit out my tea before I choked laughing at the rat! That's why I like dogs. Although, the things they leave sometimes maybe worse than a rat. lol

  2. Be glad it was dead. One of my three used to bring them in alive. Play with them and then lose them. Don't remember how many my dad had to kill.

  3. Ewww! *gag* Ewww! *shudder* Ewww! =-p

  4. Sorry, but um, I am with SFG on this - I had to put down my cuppa' while reading because you descriptions are too hysterical. You poor thing.

    My kitty used to kill crickets. She would beat them to death with her paws and then eat their back legs. We always had a bunch of legless crickets all over the basement of our house.

    But never a rat. eeeek!

    Take care and lock the kitty door.

  5. i think Kitty needs her own blog...of her catch to death specimens lol.

  6. Life in the wilds of the country can hold lots of surprises.

  7. Heh ain't hunters great!!

    The Small Hold cat Sasha (Otherwise known as "THE Queen!!") was so happy we allowed her to move in with us that she brought us fresh kills every day at least once last Summer. Snakes, mice, birds, moles, lizards, anything she could catch she would share. Once she deposited a mouse under the bed and then didn't bother to let me know it was there.

    These days she has put on enough weight that about all she really accomplishes is a comical stalking routine. Fun to watch and the vermin corpses are not always under foot now.

    She still thinks she is in charge however.

  8. My dad had a buddy that worked at some testing lab,and would bring us an occasional rabbit,so we made a pen for them.My mom's cat would go out in the woods at night and bring home a bunny now and then,so we'd take it into the hutch with the tame ones.The cat finally figured out if it killed them before they made it home,she could keep it! Ever hear the shreik of a caught bunny? It sends chills up your spine! How can a bunny make that sound??
    Dean in az

  9. We've been feeding a stray kitty for a couple of weeks now, and she has recently taken to bringing us presents, aka dead field mice. I have to be careful not to step on one when I leave for work in the morning.