Friday, February 18, 2011

Pay It Forward

 I can't help it. I am in a wonderful mood. I think that most of the time my moods are directly related to the weather.  Sunshine on my shoulders...ackk I cant' stand that song... but it (sunshine) does make me happy!  

Another thing that makes me happy is that I have news! It seems that I won't have to be going to the judicial hearing I have been impatiently waiting for. The letter finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and it says that I have  been approved for my Social Security Disability.  It has taken an eternity awhile but the wait for an answer is finally over.  The relief I feel is almost a tangible thing. I want to thank all of you who have sent up your prayers and good wishes over the past year. I also want to thank you for sticking with me during all this!

I know there are  a few new readers who probably don't know some of the struggles we have been through since starting this journey. Or how difficult it was to finally realize I couldn't work anymore.  The truth is you can probably count yourselves lucky not to have been witness to some of the drama. To be totally honest though, if not for the horrible things that happened last spring, I would not be here where I am now. 

    I wouldn't have come to stay with my friend Mushroom and her husband. Their kindness has been a blessing in more ways than I can even begin to count.  I have gained so much from knowing them both.  Not just in the things that I have learned to do while here, (although I would never have learned to knit) but lessons of the heart as well.
     They have opened their home and their hearts to us both and treated us like family.  What have we been been asked to do in return for all their kindness? Just one thing... to promise to help someone in need someday.
    You see, once many years ago, someone helped them when they desperately needed it. That person asked for nothing in return, except for the promise to someday pay that deed forward.

  Awhile back I saw the movie "Pay it Forward". It was a great movie.  Even then I thought that if everyone who has ever received help from another person were to pay it forward  it could change the entire world, a few people at a time.  I know first hand how much it has changed me.  

PS   The letter from Social Security says that I DO have 60 days to appeal their decision!  LOL  I swear that's what the letter says!  
                ~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~


  1. Happy for you! Been a long time coming.

  2. That's great, Sci! I was hoping that was your news.

    : )

  3. Congrats! I don't know the whole story so I better get to reading the old posts!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. :) Congratulations, my friend, it has been a long time coming. I am glad things are starting to look up for you.

    Appeal? Seriously? LOL!


  5. So happy to hear it Sci! Now let's get some land and start some homesteading!!!! lol

  6. Oh, yay! Such good news! I'm so happy for you ... and combined with the post above about the land ... good times ... good times, indeed ;).