Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Very Own Troll

Well it has finally happened. I must have finally made the big time.  I have my very first troll. Yep, you read that right, I have a troll!   Of course it took me over two years to do it. I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment as to my ability not to "rock the boat" too much or that I rocked it just enough to finally warrant my very own.  I do find it a bit disappointing that trolls don't have names.    It would be much more satisfying to have one with a "real" name, like Bill or Bob or Sue. Yet they tend to go by "Anonymous".  Somehow that takes alot of the fun out of actually having one of my very own.
Back in November I re-posted a letter that has made its way across the internet.  It was called "I Am the Democratic Liberal-Progressive’s Worst Nightmare".  I'm still not sorry to have posted it. I'm pretty sure the title might have had something to do with the anger my new troll seems to have, and possibly why he/she crawled out from under its special rock.
An anonymous comment, left I am sure to try and make me see the errors of my ways.  Unfortunately, as trolls often lack the ability to actually read what was written, they  had superimposed his/her own beliefs  into it.  Mind you I only re-posted a letter, I didn't write the dang thing!
I am sure it was a surprise when he/she (no name remember- so I can't even give credit to either sex) actually saw their comment "in print" as it were. I will admit that I struggled with myself a bit over posting it,  but in the end I figured what the heck. This is America and even a troll has a right to an opinion. I found it sad that someone could be so passionate about something and yet not be passionate enough to read the post OR leave even a made up  name.  
Now leaving one anonymous comment does not a troll make.  I realized I actually had my very own when I was left another comment by the very same person in this post. !  I  chose not to reply to the comment there but will do so here instead.  The italics are my response.
Anonymous said...
LOL! You are a real piece of work! Well thank you very much. I DO try. One of the first blogs I ever read of yours; Yet after being so offended you came back again   you attacked all liberals/democats for loving socialism!  If you would care to show me exactly where I did the attacking I would be obliged! Meanwhile your applying for an FHA loan and social security!  I worked for over 30 years paying into this system and before it is snatched from us you are dammed sure right. I intend to get at least some of what I paid in back and I don't care if it hairlips you OR the devil ! LOL You are something else all right. Enjoy MY tax dollars while you rail against socialism. lol  Actually if you think living below the poverty line is enjoyable, I ask that you think about that one again. Meanwhile I gotta' go to work!  Thank you for your input. As I have said before if you are offended by the things that I write here you are more than welcome to take yourself somewhere else. I have an even better idea.  How about you try starting your own blog?  If you can't figure out how to do that then do me a favor (after all you are MY troll, right?)   Get a real name! Those who hide behind curtains of secrecy  must surely have something to hide.        Hey ... I'm Just Sayin'...

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