Sunday, February 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Yes, I DO realize this has nothing to do with today's post!
Ok guys, this is my first year to participate in the Blogroll Amnesty Day.  Like I was saying yesterday I've seen it in the past but as usual I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short.  Not this year though. I might be a little late but I came in under the wire!  I think it's a really cool idea.  The way it works is pretty simple when you read it. Just list 5  other blogs that don't have as many hits as you. Simple right?  Uhmmm....  Not so much when you actually sit down and try to do it! 

It's funny that in the past week or so that I've been trying to head folks over to other places anyway- and then I realize its B.A.D weekend.  Just my luck!!  No worries though.. I think I can do this!  LOL  

Before I start though, I want to say thanks so much to my friend Bustedknuckles for naming me as one of his List Of Five. He may have the verbiage of a sailor (did I mention I just love sailors?) and talk a great talk but he has a teddy bear heart. Just don't tell him I said that! He was one of the first bloggers to hit that "Follow" button over there <----- and one of the first to tell me never give up.  This might be a big mean ol' place sometimes but its good to know that folks like him have your back. OK That one doesn't count. :D

Alright  it has now been about a half an hour since I started trying to do this and I am having some trouble here.  How the heck can I just pick 5??  I personally think that every single person on my blog roll should be listed here.  So do me a favor and check them all out ok?  That being said... the rules say 5 with less traffic.  Now how the heck I am supposed to know that is anyone's guess!

One of my favorite places to visit when I'm tired of all the politics and prepper doom has always been Fel's place.  A more wonderful and truly caring person I have never met. She blogs for the pure joy of it. So stop in and holler at her when you get a chance or just want a "time-out" for a little bit. Listen to some music and enjoy the "pink fluffiness" of her place!

Now there is another blogger that comes to mind here, not because she's all pink and fluffy <wink> but because shes NOT.  I will warn you in advance that Jewell has a "way with words".  And I'm not talking about waxing poetic either!!   Her take on life in general is .... well...  Oh heck, just go check her out. You will see what I'm talking about.  Oh and be sure you check out her Monday Mugshots.  I don't know where she comes up with these folk's and I'm seriously afraid to ask!

Have you ever run across a blog that once you started reading you just couldn't stop? When I found Kris, I wanted to just keep going until I had read every single one of her posts. She is such an inspiration to me. She covers all sorts of interesting stuff. From canning and frugal living tips to building her own fire pit. Heck, she even did a post and showed the whole world her kitchen cabinets.  LOL Now that is something I will never let you guys see!
Hmmm...This is starting to get harder and harder... who's next???

How about a great gal with a natural love for horses and a hands on no nonsense approach to prepping?  We nicknamed her Hoss Boss for a couple of reasons but the only one I'll mention here is that her blogging name is so long we had to call her something else!!!   Her approach to things is refreshing.  I love her honest and straightforward way of looking at things.

Let's see... one more.... I'm starting to think this is more like "work" than it was when I first started writing this!  

If you haven't been over to Small Farm Girl's place you are sooo missing out.  She makes living in the country an adventure. Who knew that such a small lady could produce such big laughs.   

Dang!  That's five already???   I didn't even get to mention Kyddryn and her unique outlook on life, or Lamb and her great recipes, or Wretha and Ginger who both are into the off grid way of life or .... well you get the idea. If I don't stop now I am only going to end up repeating my whole blog roll.  You can do that yourself!!  Everyone on that list is special to me.  They wouldn't be there if they weren't. Like my buddy Busted said...    

"The deal is, link to folks that have interesting things to say that no one knows are out there.
There are millions of us out there."

                       ~~~ Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~


  1. Aww...Sci thanks for naming me. I am so not worthy of being named, but thanks again. :) I'm sure Jewell's will be beyond stoked as well. LOL! A way with words, ain't that the truth. ;)


  2. Aww, shucks, Sci ...I made your list. I don't know what to say. No, REALLY ...I don't know what to say. You rendered the Hoss Boss speechless, that's no easy task ...just ask Yeoldfurt!

    Excuse me, I know it's Monday but I feel like Happy Dancing anyway.

    : )

  3. Cool list Sci -thanks for pointing out your friends with such kindness and fun. Can't wait to read them too.

    It is always nice to find new friends. :)

  4. Your right our lists show our own eclectic views and interests.

  5. Your blog is so nice, I try to get here more often.

  6. LMAO - Awww...thanks Sci! Not only did you give a shout out to little ol' me, but you even tried to clean me up a little bit to make me publicly presentable! *snort* Love ya Tex! =) xoxo Muwah!

  7. Thanks for the shout out Sci! You are one of my "five" also! Oh just for your information, the "small" in my name is the size of the farm, NOT the size of me. hehehehehehe That's for sure!

  8. OMG OMG OMG ! (Yes, I AM 13, thankyouverymuch!) I didn't see my name here when I read the post!!!! I cannot believe it ! (Meaning I cannot believe you gave me this wonderful mention, not that I cannot believe I didn't read it the first time.) This is just so nice of you. I am speechless. Well, not technically.