Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The DH has made a decision which I wholeheartedly agree with.  We will, from this day forward, not be saving money.  We are going to put every nickle and every dime into preps. 
The dollar is tanking as we speak.  I think its wiser to use it before all it is good for is toilet paper.  I wish we had done this a whole lot sooner. 


I also wish I hadn't been so hardheaded and listened to the DH more closely.   He has been trying to warn me for years.  He  never pushed  it hard because he knew that  one day I would "get" it.  I had my head planted firmly in the sand and wasted precious time and money for years.  
That I didn't wake up soon enough is glaringly obvious.  But I did wake up, finally. 
I just wish I hadn't slept in so late!

All those years he was buying camping gear and the like, I  just figured it was because we love to camp.  The tools I wrote off as "its a guy thing".  The gardening he always did was just a cool hobby, right?  The fact that he is an excellent horse and cattleman I chalked up to his living on ranches all his young life.   That he can handle just about any problem that needs solving I chalked up to his life skills. I never gave a second thought about how he fixed all our cars, or how we have NEVER called a plumber or an electrician. 

Until last year. 

He shared something with me something that he had never discussed with anyone before. He told me that when he was a little kid he can remember he wanted to learn "everything".  And that he knew, instinctively, that there was a purpose for this mindset. He has been on a lifequest to be ready for "something" even while not knowing what that something was.

The man has essentially been prepping all his life. 

For that , I am grateful.

Because I believe , in my heart of hearts, that we are running out of time.  Something wicked this way comes and I am not prepared. 


  1. SciFi, wise hubbyyou have there! I think it is prudent to keep 6 months of expenses in cash, and then spend everything you can on preps.

    Remember to buy some preps that will be great bartering items, vodka, nail polish, those sorts of things.

    If you use search on my blog, I posted the top 100 things that were bartered and searched for during the depression...fascinating list and worth shopping for I think.

  2. Don't beat your self up about it. You get it now and by the sounds what you've been doing, you sure are making up for it!
    We are doing the same thing here, by the way. When I noticed a 20% increase in food, I said "that's it!".

  3. You obviously know how fortunate you are to have this man. Too bad other women don't realize the same thing. I too think something wicked comes. The FDIC is broke, our state may have a partial government shutdown, the dollar is tanking and nearly every product we buy is higher in price and smaller in size. We're hunkering down.

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  5. SciFi - i think that you are dead right! And i agree with Herbalpagan - you sure are making up for lost time fast!!! and sharing this post with us has really got me thinking too...
    time to spend those savings carefully and wisely!!!

    Thanks gurl!

  6. SciFi~

    Excellent post, my friend.

    I was like you, still am to some extent, remember we talked about my inner-sheeple LOL!

    I too am fortunate to have a husband similar to yours. Catman had been steadily gathering and putting things up even while I was sleeping in. I'm sure we are not where he'd like us to be and that is partially my fault, but we are a lot closer than we were.

    Hugs to you and the hubby, SciFi.


  7. You are totally right SF - any money we have goes into prepping. We save all of our change for when it will be needed more - after the fall!

  8. It sounds like our husbands would get along famously. I'm grateful to have a husband also that is ever aware of what's happening in the world around us and the daily efforts we take together to be prepared for whatever the future may hold.