Monday, October 19, 2009

Experiments In Progress

I started out with good intentions today. I was all set to dehydrate potato's.   I peeled potato's, sliced them up, and started to blanch them. Then the phone rang.  I guess we  are having mashed potato's for dinner tonight!  LOL  Stuff happens, right?  

I'm trying my hand at making apple butter today as well.  Apples are on sale at our local grocery for $.99 lb.  I don't have much fruit or sweet stuff in our food storage and I am trying to focus on building that up.  That and the fact that it sounds so simple to do is another plus.
  If it works out I am going to be doing some more this week.  I hardly ever do "projects" unless the ingredients are on sale. I did the same with the strawberry jam a few weeks back.  They were $1.78 a lb so I picked up several pounds over the course of two weeks and put up 28 jars of jam.

Another great deal this week is in the meat department.  $1.00 a pound whole pork loin and $1.00 lb chicken breasts.  I picked up a nice looking 9.5 lb pork loin and cut it into pork loin chops. They now reside in our freezer!  I'm going to pick up another one in the next couple of days and try my hand at canning it.  We shall see!  I picked up 10 lbs of  chicken breasts as well.  Meat is another area of food storage I don't feel I have covered in the least little bit.  I mean, there is only so much you can do with tuna!  I would just feel better knowing that I had some meats we are used to eating on a regular basis in the pantry.

I also have some more eggs in the dehydrator today.  I only have two fruit roll up trays so I can only do a dozen at a time.  I wish I had some more trays but I'm not going to buy them if I don't have to. (And I don't have to!!)  This time around I am raising the heat on the eggs.  It took over 24 hours last time to dry them.  

So the experiments  continues!


The apple butter turned out awesome! 


  1. Wow! You have been busy!! We just plugged in our freezer Friday, to fill tonight with nearly 300lbs of beef! Blessings abound:)

    I am going to can some ground beef, stew meat and the likes...myself. I have never canned meat before, but I am this year!

    Great news Scifi!


  2. teeheehee.....mashed potatoes for supper - oh well - like you said - these things happen eh?

    i needs that apple butter recipe!!!!

  3. Forget the recipe, I'll send you the adress to send the 27 jars that you dont need. :)

  4. Have you tried making apple sauce? It's a little easier to do than apple butter.

  5. Hey J&J, I haven't tried apple sauce yet but I am into easier! Care to share your skills with me?

  6. Scifichick
    I make fruit rolls a lot. I use parchment paper and wonder if it would work for the eggs. I want to try eggs too but was afraid I'd poison myself.
    I just may try this though.

    1. Debbie, Great idea! I think parchment paper would work just as well as the trays I have. As for worrying about the eggs... I'm still alive but "results may vary"! hehehe