Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Flu

With all the talk around about the flu, it amazes me that people are still pretty much ignorant in my neck of the woods.  I have the perfect example.
I work with a lady who took her 4 year old for a flu shot.  4 years old!  Why in the world would you do that?  Well about 3 days later the school calls her at work.  Her boy is sick.  She needs to go get him. 

She took him to the doctor, and you guessed it, the kids got the flu.  She found a friend to watch the boy so she could go to work.   Well, a couple of days later the babysitter comes into the restaurant with the boy in tow.  You could tell by looking at the kid that he was really really sick. And coughing, I might add. 

What in the world was she thinking?  I wish I knew.  I asked her why she had brought the kid in.  She said they wanted to get something to eat.  My blood level raised just a little. Hey I'm getting older and more prone to pick up "stuff".  Not to mention the fact that they are exposing the general population to the flu.  And what about that poor little boy?  I KNOW he wasn't feeling like being dragged around town.

I told her she shouldn't have him out in public and that he was going to make others sick.  She just kinda of shrugged. She honestly didn't see what the problem was. 
The next day she called in sick.  Yep!  She has the flu.  People seem to have little regard for the well-being of others. 

That makes me nervous because I come into direct contact with at least a hundred people a day.  I feel like a sitting duck.  
And the nasal flu spray is now in town. Not that I am going to be taking any flu vaccine anyway.  Did you know that a person who takes the nasal spray sheds the virus for 21 days!

Now that is scarey. 


  1. Some people really make you wonder when you see this sort of thoughtless behaviour!
    Oh, and I wouldn't touch the vaccine either, nor would most of my old nursing friends.

  2. Wow, Sci. Your manager should have stepped up and said something to her about bringing the boy into the restaurant! He might not feel like he can turn the general (coughing, hacking, flu-like) public away, but he can sure counsel his own employees! There have been signs posted at my office for the past month, that "IF YOU HAVE THE FLU OR FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER" ...posted on the front door, it's a State agency. I have court in one of the smaller counties tomorrow and they had me print up three such signs to be posted outside the courtroom. There are 29 cases on tomorrows docket, that's a minimum of 58 people coming through the door ...and I get to hand out paperwork and pens to every one of them and then pick all that stuff up from them through the day. Did I mention I carry germ-x in my briefcase now?

  3. More proof to my theory that 95% of the people in this country are morons.... Maybe I should up that number...

  4. The poor boy needs at least one intelligent parrent.
    I was so uncoordinated as a child I couldnt even catch the flu. he he I know not good timing but I humored myself. thankyou.

  5. A new term is needed for people like that woman - sheeple + stupid = stupple. Works for me. Then we can spork them all!:)

  6. Molly, what is sad is that I am surrounded with people like this.

    Hoss, I was absolutely amazed at the level of "non concern" on the part of management. It actually disturbed me more than dragging that kid up into a public place did! How safe do I feel now?

    Ernie, Spork them and let them eat cake!

    May'b, by at least 2 points buddy!

    OGT, Feel free to humor yourself as often as you wish to here! LOL

  7. Love the blog- just stumbled on it and am glad I did. I wanted to chime in real quick on the flu vaccination stuff. I've got 2 kids under 7 years old, and right now they're seeing anywhere from 5-10 kids absent every day from their class at school from the flu. Its out there, spreading like crazy.

    I think you need to be careful though - vaccines aren't new, they've been around since the 1700s. In 1976 there was a huge outbreak that came with a flu vaccine just like H1N1 today. Vaccine shots have a dead virus in them, the nose spray has a live virus in them. They both work on the concept of inoculation. Their job ISN'T to make you completely immune. It MAY help you build up a strong immune system response to help defend against getting the virus. It WILL make sure that when you get it - its a much less potent virus, something ABSOLUTELY critical in small kids, and pregnant women.

    Please make sure you don't spread misinformation (not saying you are, just trying to get the word out) about not getting vaccinated, and that you know what that means. When you advise people not to get vaccinations (even little kids, and babies) you're advising them to take a risk with a full blown version of the bug.