Sunday, October 25, 2009


I picked what looks like the last of the blackeyed peas this morning.  I'm just guessing, but I think we have put up around 4 gallon baggies this year. (one of those things I need to get around to is get the freezer inventoried)  We also put up 2 quarts of dried peas and about 2 pints of seed peas for next year.  Not a bad season for them at all!

I got another dozen  eggs dehydrated and put them up this morning. 
I also have the dehydrator going with a tray of okra, a couple of bell peppers, two trays of yellow squash, and two trays of carrots.   I'm pretty sure that's the last of the summer squash.   Forty quarts canned, tons dehydrated, and untold amounts eaten all summer. 

Its been a great run I tell ya! 

I have some of my "bakery buckets" cleaned out and will be putting up some of the things that need to be transferred from their original packages. Another thing I have been putting off. 

I was thinking about a comment a friend left yesterday.  Actually, I've been thinking about it since they first started cutting back hours at work.  I think I will use the time off to get some much needed work done around the house. I have all sorts of things that could use my attention. Things I just haven't seemed to quite get to.  

Not that we couldn't use the money lost, but I am feeling a real need lately to get our "house" in order.  So much so that I wake up thinking about things still left undone.

  Ernie calls those feelings niggles.  I like that word!  So I am going to follow my niggle this time!  

Make lemonade outta lemons so to speak.


  1. Niggles, I like that word. I have always said 'trust your gut' but niggles has a much nicer ring to it. Ha! Funny, I spent two weekends in a row canning and then felt like such a slug the first weekend I did NOT can. Now two weekends have passed without me canning and I can feel my niggles rising. But next weekend is Rooster Doomsday around here. The three big boys will probably dress out 5 pounds a piece and Hoppy will only be a pound or so behind them. Yes, Hoppy is freezer bound. It's a sad fact of life for roosters on this farm. I figure since they're so big and there is only the two of us, we will use the Foodsaver and do them as split halves. That will mean 8 meals in the freezer by this time next weekend. That should soothe my niggles!

  2. I'm a "niggler" too.

  3. LOL@ soothing your niggles! As for the Rooster Doomsday, times up chickies!

  4. I like that word too, niggles, may have to start using that one myself. :)

    So, Doomsday is at hand for the Furt Roosters...well, a body does have to eat.(I am learning to think of them as food and not pets, it's an uphill climb for me, but I'm gettin' there)

    I hope you can keep the niggles at bay, Sci, everything happens for a reason, it's just how we choose to deal with it that matters. I think making lemonade out of lemons is a pretty damn good start. ;)

    Have a good day my friend :)

  5. Well I wish you good luck following your niggls. That is cute. lol

  6. Oops I meant niggles. Missed a letter on the keyboard. Silly me.

  7. I just bought a sprouting kit, you know alphalfa sprouts and stuff. I wonder if you have any experience with sprouting and growing salads in a jar. Id love to read about it. thanks

  8. LOL! Thanks SF! Yep, follow those "niggles" and they won't let you down although my niggles are turning into NIGGLES right now! AAhhh!

    My dehydrator is quiet right now - kinda outta stuff to put in the dern thing and it is panicking me a bit. Kinda feeling like I am getting anything accomplished.

  9. OGT sorry but I haven't tried that one yet. I have read about it somewhere... I think it was actually on YouTube. You could probably find some information there.

    Ernie, I see you raised my Niggles.... So I'm going to call yours NIGGLES!!!

    Sonya, thanks for stopping by! I am missing a key or two as well!! LOL