Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What NOT To Do When Canning

I managed to get some canning accomplished yesterday afternoon. I also made a rookie mistake that I can assure you will never happen again.
I was waterbathing a load of strawberry jam in the pressure canner and was trying to open the lid.
Well the dang thing had created a seal. Did I stop and let the pressure release? Oh no, not me. I forced the dang thing open. A word to the other rookies out there...... DON'T DO THIS. I was lucky to only come out of it with a scalded foot. It could have been a whole lot worse.

Since I don't have the room or the weather here for strawberries I look for them to go on sale. I found some for $1.71 a pound and grabbed three pounds. Enough for 8 jars of jam. I also put up three more pints of pickled okra and three jars of bread and butter pickles. Anyone know of another way to put up okra? I'm all ears.

I HATE WEEDS! It's official! I've been pulling weeds for the last two hours and that's just in the west garden. I haven't finished there yet and still have the entire East garden to go. LOL it never ends! I guess I should be glad something is growing well as hot as it has been here this summer.
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  1. I gave up on the weeds, most of my stuff is already done and I am just going to turn it all over and tarp it for a while.

  2. i freeze mine. here is a site that has directions for most anything. i am not affliated w it but have used it a lot this summer. thx and gl

  3. oops here is the link

  4. I'm glad you got away with just a scalded foot, although that doesn't sound too fun at all! I love strawberries ...frozen, canned as preserves, fresh, whatever ...anyway you want to fix them! I agree on the weeds too, but it comes with the territory. Newspaper, layered three or four pages thick, between and around your veggies will deter the weeds. The ink is vegetable-based, so no adverse affects to food produced in the garden and sure cuts down on the weeds. If you can water so the ground gets soaked good UNDER the newspaper, it helps hold the moisture in during these sweltering Dog Days. Happy gardening!

  5. My poor l'il ol' spot is only 5' x 20' , but I spent a good 45 minutes weeding tonight...

    Curse all weed gods!

    [ Um, okay: edit option, please: (almost) all weed gods!]

    Slainte, Lady!


  6. holy crap SciFi - i hope that you are ok!!! and thanks for the tip of what not to do!

    we originally thought that we would be busting out the canner this weekend but my veggies are still trickling in only a few at a time so we are eating what is harvested each day. here's hoping next weekend will be the tipping point for our tomatoes - i have tons and tons and can't wait to make my own sauces and pastes!

    we will be digging through the potatoe tires over the weekend...i will make sure to take pics and post them at the nova scotia blog!

    as for weeds - i am sick of 'em too!!!

  7. Busted , down here we are getting ready for round two! My first fall garden.

    Anon - thanks for information!

    HossBoss- that's a great idea about the newspapers.

    LOL Cygnus! I hear ya bud. (hehe)

    Kymber, it won't be long now for the jars to start filling up! I'm holding you to your word about the pictures.

    As for the foot, it's a little worse than I thought but I will live. I learned a valuable lesson!

    Thanks Everyone for visiting!