Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back in 1984 I  had a "wake up leroy" wreck. I've been thinking about that for years and now it seems that lately its been haunting me more than ever before.  I've wondered over the years again and again....why am I still here?  There has to be a reason someone lived through all that.

I have been told I should have never made it to the hospital, much less be here today typing this. Every time i see a new Doctor they ask about the scar.... I tell them and every single one has had the same reaction. WOW!  That's what they say....Wow... Its a miracle you even made it to the hospital. 

I spent two months in the hospital. Six weeks of that were in ICU.  I had ruptured my aorta when I hit the steering wheel. That alone should have enough to finish me off before making it to the hospital.  My head went through the windshield and laid my face and chin open down to bare bones. I literally cut my neck open. Internal bleeding.  The doc's said later that my whole torso on the inside looked like I had been gut shot like a deer.  Lots of bleeding in lots of organs. Broken ribs, broken arm, broken ankle,broken leg.  I was in a coma for almost two weeks. Brain trauma as well ( that explains alot!! LOL) 

I think the reason I am sharing all this is because lately I've been feeling , more than ever, that I was ment to still be here for some specific purpose.
  I feel like I am supposed to witness and/or act upon "something".  The Lord puts us all here for a purpose and we don't know what that purpose is until it comes to pass. With all that is going on in these troubled times I don't know the lesson or the path I am supposed to be taking.  So many things going on in the world around us that trouble me deeply.  It's just been nagging me alot lately. 

I only hope that whatever the reason I was spared all those years ago I will be brave enough to accomplish "IT". I'm unnerved with all that is going on...Paranoid?  Yes, and with good reason.  The world is going to Hell in a Handbasket.  And faster than ever before.

  Then again , I could be full of myself.  Who knows?


  1. YOU were miraculously SAVED for a reason and you know it - you just don't know the exact reason yet...

    maybe you were saved to lead the way and show others how to get through these hard times. maybe you were saved to show everyone your humility and grace after having survived such an experience - so that we can learn too. maybe you were saved to make new friends near or far but no matter - you will be an example of what a friend really is.

    oh SciFi - i could go on and on about the maybes...

    then again...maybe you are just full of yourself and you pass it on to others to be full of you too! baahahahahaha! i am so glad to have met you gurl!

    thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. it lets us really get to know you. and that is a blessing for us! stay wonderful eh?

    (p.s. - this reminds me of a post that Felinae did a while's kind of amazing this group of preppers eh?)

  2. SciFi,
    Trust in the Lord.

  3. Sci~I for one and am glad that divine intervention decided to spare you that day. :)

    I am happy that I have met you and honored to be able to call you my friend.

    Hugs to you

  4. You have things to teach, I have things to learn.

    I know it seems silly that I simply watched a video you put together, but it made a huge impact in my life, and my way of doing things. Suddenly, there were possibilities instead of obstacles. Yiou never know how some small skill you take for granted will impact someone else.

    I figure God put you here just for me :)

    And the others get the benefits, too. :)


  5. SciFi I believe each of us is here for a reason, finding that reason isnt always easy but rest assured it is there:)

    There are those that believe each of us chooses what life we are born into, to learn lessons we didnt learn in a previous life, a very complex concept, one I dont have any answers to lol

    Whatever the reason, I am glad you got through such a tough time in your life to share your stories and adventures.

  6. Kymber, what an beautiful comment. And yes this group IS amazing.

    YOF, You know it!!! Through his grace and some really good doctors I am still around.

    Fel, awwww < hugs > I am proud to call you my friend!

    Cin, Wow, I had no idea! That makes me feel quite honored. That I could have an impact on someone. A good one anyway! LOL Thank you so much.

    Molly, your so right about it not being easy to figure out the reason. I just hope I will be ready for "IT" when it comes to pass.

  7. If nothing else, just know that you are helping people with your blog and the infomation you post. I've learned a lot of things here. Maybe this IS the reason you lived through your ordeal. I know all of the people that read your blog are glad you lived. I know I am.

  8. SF - I KNOW that you are here still for many reasons - you have a job to complete and a role to play. You were given the gift of a second life to fulfill a God-Given Purpose - just don't know exactly what yet - not many of us do. Just follow the inner voice in your head, learn discernment and learn to question whether or not it is from God and that Jesus is your savior. This will do you well in your journey, on your path to do what has been asked of you.

    I am blessed to consider you a very special friend even though we have never met in person - I feel as though I have known you for many years.

    I am glad that you are still here and I am blessed by your presence in my life.

    Love you-Ernie

  9. Wow.... Kinda makes anything I got to bitch about seem absolutely trivial.... And definitely makes me rub my right ankle, which has an eight inch scar, a bunch of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and the left front fender of a '53 Buick inside.....

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  11. Nevermind, I re-read the comment you left....