Friday, September 25, 2009

Mayberry Poser Reduex

I originally posted this a few days ago... but decided to pull it because of extenuating circumstances.....

I ran across this guys videos on YouTube.  Now let me warn you he's pretty....well.....he cusses alot so if it offends you please don't click. Now for those of you with no qualm's....Especially if you are familiar with Keep It Simple Surviavl.
The first person I thought of  was...... well.... You tell me, ok?

Hey.... I'm just sayin.....


  1. I love it, that's gotta be Mayberry!! or at least a good impersonator. That's the first thing I said too.

  2. Thanks SciFi, :D

    That guy has a whole series of rants up on youtube. Did you watch them all? LOL!


    PS~Mayberry if you see this, you know we love ya, right? ;)

  3. HAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HAH HA HA!!!!! I laughed my ass off!!!! He's my long lost brother for sure!!! So I need to get me a 'puter monitor, some rope, a baseball bat..... Damn SciFi, thanks a million! I ain't laughed that hard in months....

    Felinae, yoobetcha!