Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's On!

I love Our garden. DH is much more dedicated than I am but we are working out a rhythm . I am not used to coming home from work with a few extra hours attached to it. But it's not like I didnt know on the front end of all this. I am excited...I now have to find my rhythm.

We are now moving into the part where the payoffs start! We are experimenting with the Foodsaver by putting up the squash in a large vaccum bag and will be reopening and resealing until Thursday. (my day off and my now to be known as "food storage" day.)
If ya have a better name to call it... It would be welcome!! LOL I can see this as my waterbathing, pressurecooking, vaccum sealing day. It won't work for long as things will start coming in faster and faster. But for the next couple of weeks it gives me time to "mentally adjust" to the new schedule.

We are already enjoying squash, spinach, beans, radishes, and peppers. It makes my day when I go out and see what has been accomplished and what is yet to come! The weeds of course suck...but I'm thinking with the square foot gardening we are trying, this may become a nonissue. We will see soon enough!
I am already seeing where this is bigger than I thought it would be. I think its gonna be a busy summer. What more could ya ask for?

Hey I'm just sayin....
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  1. i am sooo happy for you girl!
    we are finally past our frost-free date so in the next few days i will be transplanting all my seedlings and root veggies and the like - i am so excited!

    woohoo - growing your own food is sooo rewarding!

  2. Recently came across your blog. Good work!

  3. Kymbers it wont be long now!!

    Flea Thanks and thanks for stopping in!

  4. Looking good there with the garden. I too am trying the square foot method for the first time and I'm very pleased so far with the results. Lots of work to get it started but now very little weeding etc. Good luck with your garden.

  5. So far so good Little Ant. Thanks for stopping in!