Friday, May 1, 2009

Garden Pictures

I have been out in the garden this morning doing the obligatory weeding. It has been overcast most of the day. What a nice way to spend my day off. I love getting my hands in the dirt. I found my first tomato and first pepper of the year. Exciting to say the least.
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  1. WOOHOO FOR YOU GIRL! RIGHT ON! i love the pics!

    and normally i don't like to broadcast my fortune-telling skills to the world but i can see a pepper, tomatoe and basil sandwich in your future!

    BAHAAHAHAH! please provide regular garden updates - i love them!

  2. Wow SciFi, you're 'maters look great! Mine look like drown rats. Good job!

  3. I planted my tomatos from seeds, and they are barely an inch tall now, looks like i have a long way to go to catch up!