Friday, May 22, 2009

This and That

We have been so busy lately that finding time to blog is sometimes hard. All sorts of things going on around here though. The water pump on the Dodge Diesel went out. Mars (DH) had been expecting it as the truck had been sitting up for a few years. He had been putting off changing the serpentine belt until it did. He had to take the day off to do repairs. I'm so glad that he knows how to do all this stuff.

I had to run errands in the "Big City" yesterday. I always dread the trip just because it involves getting into real traffic!!

I had to make a run to the Pipe and Tobacco shop. We have been rolling our own for a few years now. Just alot less expensive all around. And now that they have jacked up the taxes on ciggarettes it makes even more sense to DIY.

Oh, on that note, I found some tobacco seeds at the local nursery and am trying to start some. I had a few started in my "baggie" greenhouse but Mars decided it was time for them to have a "little more sun". Which would have been fine except the temps that night were down in the 50's. So we start again! LOL Life is a learning process. Every time I mess something up I think.... Hmmm... OK. Let's have a do over! Chalk one up to experience.

Mars set up an outdoor stove for the canner. He just rigged it up for now. He wants to make a stand for it but it worked just like it was supposed to. The only thing it cost was propane as the rest of the stuff was all free. Ya can't beat that price!
The garden's are both coming along great. We should have ripe tomato's before long.
The potato bags are looking good. I'm really excited to find out how well this method will work. I will keep ya'll posted. There are about 6 baby cantaloupes in the garden now. I don't have a clue as to what we are going to do with all that cantolupe!! LOL
Check out my fat kitty!! She's about due for her first (and Last) litter. It's so funny to watch her try to do the things she did before....she's just too fat now!

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  1. Hey, things are looking good. Can't wait to hear how your taters do in the bags. Good post.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  2. Things are looking good so far...Thanks for stopping in.

  3. oh no - looks like you are turning into a canning fool! i am so jealous! i still haven't even gotten my canner yet! (still having too much fun with the food saver - teehee!)

    those potatoe bags look awesome! i just know that they are gonna work out fine!

  4. Kymbers its not nearly as hard as I was worried it would be. The prepping of the veggies and jars is what takes some time! It's all good though....we are making progress towards the prepping and thats all that really matters right? Oh, and I think you are right bout the taters. I think this will work out well. Looks good so far anyway.

    I'm giggling bout you n your foodsaver!!

  5. SciFi - it has gotten this bad - i couldn't find one of my cats the other day and had to actually go and check the pantry to make certain that i hadn't accidentally "food-saved" him - bahahaha!

    honestly i am at a point where i am out of food to food save and am now moving on to inanimate objects like rocks and dirt. rocks stay really fresh if you food save them!

    yer right - i need to get that canner!