Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Peaches

Well I finally did it. I put up my first peaches!! Not the prettiest job but I can only improve from here! I should have let the peaches ripen another day or so....but it's all good. I'm happy!

DH has been working on another garden spot. Our neighbor (who is hardly ever home) has given permission for us to use his yard for a second garden spot.

There are four 4 foot beds 25 foot long and another shorter one we will be transplanting some squash, cucumbers, and peppers out of the containers in. The back row is all corn, next is blackeyed peas, the third will be green beans, and I'm not sure about the rest just yet. I will let ya know when I find out! The corn is already coming up. The peas should be coming up soon.

This is just getting bigger and bigger. We will
be going later this week for a load of mulch for first garden spot. We have baby squash coming in now. Which reminds me.....I have another use for my handy dandy FoodSaver. DH picked 3 squash today, as it isn't quite enough for a meal, I popped them in a mason jar and sealed them till another couple are ready!

The cantaloupe are blooming like mad too. And on another note.... I've got those herbs and things going in the baggies. I noticed today that everything is sprouting!
Is that cool or what?
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  1. I love Idaho, but man, sometimes I miss Texas, The longer growing season is just one more reason.

  2. You're getting peaches and we're watching a frost warning for tonight lol rub it in!

  3. Them are some fine looking peaches. I wish I could grow peaches up here, but they are forcasting snow for tonight. lol. I know, I can't believe it myself.

  4. AP you know you miss it!! How can ya not? We had spinach salad last nite!

    Chris... hey you still have the chickens! We trade with the landlord in the summers... eggs vs tomatos ( or whatever)

    FCH what can you grow way up there? I've always been curious. I couldn't even consider living more than a couple of hundred miles from where I am. I hate the cold!

    thanks all for stopping in

  5. We can grow quite alot up here, it's just that our growing season is a little shorter for some things. I suspect that alot of people will have there gardens in soon, I'm not real sure, because I'm kind of a newbie in the growing scene. I hate the cold too.