Saturday, November 19, 2011

SmallsVille Wins Again!

You know, these days I don't really get out and about all that much. The truth is that I really don't want to. I don't actually like the interaction with dumb**es anymore.  This new found habit is quite a change for me.  There was a time when I couldn't be made to stay at home. I had to be "going and doing" all the time. When Friday night rolled around I couldn't sit still. I would just "itch" to get go somewhere... anywhere but sitting at the house. 

 These days... meh...not so much. (or not at all)  As a matter of fact it almost takes an act of congress (and we all know how well THAT works)  to blast me off of this piece of land. Somewhere along the way I figured out that I really don't have all that much that demands my attention away from home.  I like it here. It's comfortable. I no longer feel the need to hit the street and find something to do. There is more than enough to do here than I can keep up with anyway!

 Yeah, I can hear it now.  Those of you who know what I used to be like are already thinking something is really really wrong with me, with this newfound love of staying close to the homefront. I don't feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin if I sit around the house, drinking tea and watching the clouds roll by these days these days.  Good grief... I know I'm officially getting old.
  Back in the day when Friday rolled around I was "outta here".  No way you could have kept me home. So what the hell happened???  Yeah, I guess I grew up. And grew old. Comfortable in my skin I guess you could say.
These days it takes that "act of congress"  to get me to even go into town for anything. I will sit out here and voulentarily go without some thing that once I might have thought important.  But you can only put these things off for so long.  Eventually you run out of something... toilet paper, paper towels, propane.... fill in the blank.  ( and you can stop laughing at me now!)  

So when payday rolled around this month I had to suck it up, grab my evergrowing  list, and head into town.  Now I can't always get away with just going to Smallsville (although I do try).  We have most of the things we need here. On a smaller scale (think "Smallsville") There's a lumber yard, a Wally World that they call a supercenter (again, Smallsville) a fair sized grocery store,and various mom and pop type businesses. Of course sometimes life just calls for a trip into the big city but I am proud (and oh so happy) that that I haven't had to do that yet this month.   I'll put it off till Monday... or maybe Tuesday.....
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  1. I think I know what you mean. I got 'out there' 6 times this year. I don't feel I need anything and find I am getting old. At least that gal in the mirror is.... ;-)

  2. LOL Nancy... who IS that gal in the mirror????

  3. I store goods for many reasons, but the one that pleases me as much as being ready for anything is that I don't have to go "out and about" much.

    I go to work, I come home, on weekends I can be found in the garden and that's the way I like it...semi hermit lol!

  4. I find that more and more of my friends are "home bodies" and that certainly fits me to a T!

    Never go to the big stores except on a weekday, but living in the city, I can't avoid as much of the crowds as I would like!

    Welcome to the "Golden years", my friend!

  5. SciFi - we really are sisters from another mother! when i retired a few years ago - i found that i didn't leave the house or yard unless i absolutely had to! which wasn't often. like Nancy - maybe 6 times a year! we had preps galore and jambaloney went to work 5 days a week and picked up anything we needed. during the weekends we never left the house/yard.

    and now that we are at the Manor - it's crazy! these people have us out at darts every tuesday, bingo every sunday, VFD meetings once a month, teas and bake sales once a month and several dances a month - we have become social butterflies! but when we are at home - we are at home. we only attend these events because our community is so small (60-70 people) and the people are so awesome.

    but again, when we are at home, we are at home. running around naked and loving life. our big city here is about 30,000. we try to avoid it all costs and have been doing that since we got here.

    anyway, long comment, sorry!

    your friend,