Sunday, November 6, 2011

Earthquakes in Oklahoma

In case you haven't already heard, Oklahoma has been having earthquakes over the weekend. As  luck would have it  the first ones were in the early morning hours.  There have been 10-12 quakes  reported over 3.0 since early Saturday morning.  The largest was the one last night, which registered a magnitude of 5.6, really was the first one I actually felt.  I slept through the ones that occurred in the early morning hours but this one I was wide awake for.  Turns out the epicenter was about 40-45 miles from us here.  What an experience! 

The place shook for about a minute and the sound was like a deep deep thundering.  We didn't sustain any damages and to be honest I was actually glad we are in an RV.  Mars still hasn't got around to putting us up on blocks yet with so many other things that have more importance at the moment, so the tires kind of cushioned us.  No worries about falling plaster or cracks in walls anyway!  I've been through a couple of quakes in the past, so once I got over the initial shock I was like "WOW"  That was a pretty good size one.

It is being reported in some places that these quakes are happening because of fracking in the area.  If you don't already know about fracking, you might just want to look into it.  Basically, you can say that these were "man-made" quakes.  I'm not going to turn this post into one about it but stay tuned cause there is probably one coming! 

You know when since we have been here we have experienced quite a few "First time in Recorded History" events.  Last winter we broke old records with the most snowfall in a day, the latest snowfall recorded and a couple of others as well.  And then this summer was one of the hottest on record, the most days above 100, least rainfall,etc.  And now the largest recorded earthquake in recorded history.  I'm beginning to wonder what the heck is next!! 
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  1. you are a lot like me SciFi! if it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have ANY! i'm the same! since we landed here, we have the coldest winter since 1423, the most snow since 1107 and then of course our pipes froze, we had to boil snow for water and yada-yada!

    i can only imagine what you, or we, are gonna be hit with next. i'm gonna start calling you Schleprock - bahahahahah!

    your friend,

  2. I was just wondering about you. Glad to hear you guys are ok. Well you just answered a all important question that I have been trying to find. So this series of earthquakes was caused by fracking and / or is on a fault line? I know Arkansas was having a bunch of problems with quakes until they quit fracking for a while. Some news stations said it occurred on a little known fault line or I guess a man made fault line,right?

  3. stop wondering, you might bring on the flying sharks!

    you and kymber must be alike. the year before we got here, there was no permenant snow cover, last year was hell - and we were sooo unprepared!!

    getting prepared this year to be certain, hoping, as you are, that we have faced all we are gonna ;-)

  4. I was wondering if you felt the earth doing the cha-cha or not. I also figured since you used to live out here, if you did, you'd be fine. :)

    I'm glad you guys are ok.

    Hugs & Love

  5. I am glad you all are safe. As for the post, all I can say is I hear you.

    I can't tell you how tired I am of warning people and not being heard. Worst yet, being made fun of. Until it effects people directly things will not change.

    I live in NE Texas and yes there is fracking her too. Got to make that money don't you know at all cost.

    Sorry for the small rant. I have been talking about this very subject with my niece for the past 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Well a broader discussion.

    Once again I am glad you all are safe and didn't sustain any damages. There have been reports of tremors felt as far south as I30 which is just 30 minutes north of me. We didn't feel any here and the animals didn't seem to notice anything. I always look to my animals as they can sense things I can not.

    Stay safe up there.


  6. On another note this let me know I need to prepare for a possible earthquake disaster too. And here I though California was the only state to fall into the ocean. lol

    Better to be prepared and not need it than to not be prepared at all.


  7. The Book of Revelation offers a few clues as to what could be coming!

  8. We felt it here.

    And it is caused because of the Sparks Motorcycle rally. :D

  9. Our house was shaking all the way down here as well. I posted a blog about tonight and I can tell you this was the first one I had ever been in. It was great. Scary at first, but in the end we were really excited that we got to check another thing off the list of what we have done.

  10. Kymber, we may just be sisters from another mother!

    Coley, I know one thing... I need to do some more research about all this.

    Jamber sometimes I think if it weren't for bad luck... well you know the rest. At least now I know I'm not alone in all this!! LOL We are working fast and furious( oh h*ll dont get me started on that) to get as ready as we can for the coming winter.

    LOL Fel. Yeah I've been in a couple of eq'a having lived out there where you are. It still doesn't seem to matter how big or small they are, it all freaks me out!

    H.H. I so hear you! I've been ranting for awhile now but it falls on deaf ears for the most part. This fracking is NOT good. I don't think the "powers that be" really give a .. uhmm care, cause bottom line...its all about the money. They could give a flying flip about the consequences.

    IanH Amen my friend!

    Phelan, Ya'll gotta cut that out! You're freaking out the animals!!! LOL

    Ya know MDR it is kind of amazing how far away folks actually felt this thing. And you know what??? I have been thinking about the same thing. There are holes in our preps that need to be plugged for sure. This just brought it to my attention. Heck, I never even considered earthquakes in MY plans. Apparently neither has most of Oklahoma!

  11. I was wondering if it was the fracking too. I tell you though, my sister moved back there from California, and it is my idea she brought them with her. :) Not really but you have had earthqakes since then.

  12. next event? maybe a tribe of half crazed mutant gerbils be next...

    whatever comes, good to be prepared for the worst... may that however never come your way...


  13. Farm Girl, I would like nothing better than to blame your sister for this but I'd be scared I would P*ss her off!!! LOL

    Wildflower, I'm almost afraid to see what comes next. I wonder if I could breed a mutant gerbil to my Giant Checkered Rabbit??? Hmmm....