Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What A Mess

Can you believe all of the things that are happening these days in the U.S. and around the world?  Unfortunately most of it does not bear well for us as citizens. 

In Tennessee the TSA has expanded outside the airports and onto the highways. Random stops are being made with no "reasonable suspicion".  And now the VIPR teams are in place as well at many of the old truck weigh stations.  I guess they figure if they can get away with this in Tennessee with no resistance from its citizens then surely they can expand it to all states.  These stops are unconstitutional to say the least.   We will soon be unable to travel freely across our country.  Random checkpoints and warrentless searches will become the norm. 
All this in the name of fighting terrorism with a total disregard of our constitutional rights. There are currently 37 VIPR teams in place in other states to begin internal checkpoints expanding into other states. Airport security style checkpoints and inspection procedures are already in place at bus terminals, train stations, and are rapidly expanding to the streets of America.

By this time next year I am sure we will not recognize this country. We are being enslaved and most people have no idea that it is happening.  Now they are even watching us with cameras going up all over the place.  Those red light cameras that have popped up across the entire nation are just the first in a large attempt to keep track of our every move. There are plans to install cameras in streetlights with the ability not only to watch your day to day movements but to be able to record your conversations as well.  These streetlights are going up already in places like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Chicago with funding from the Department of Energy.  Yep! We are paying for the government to spy on its citizens!

Oh.... and of course, since they would NEVER lie to us., the government has finally confirmed that there IS a link between fracking and earthquakes.  "The U.S. natural gas industry pumps a mixture of water and assorted chemicals deep underground to shatter sediment layers containing natural gas, a process called hydraulic fracturing, known more informally as “fracking.” While environmental groups have primarily focused on fracking’s capacity to pollute underground water, a more ominous byproduct emerges from U.S. government studies – that forcing fluids under high pressure deep underground produces increased regional seismic activity."

Iran has made it quite clear that they WILL fight back if Israel attacks. They have no intentions of backing down and have made it quite clear that there will be dire consequences should it happen. The wheels of war are rumbling in the Middle East.  We will be dragged into a World War, the likes of which the world has never seen before.  Russia and China have stated that they will not condone an Israeli attack. Did you know that Russia has issued a "dire" travel alert for its top officials traveling to the U.S. And if you think oil prices are high now, just wait and see what a war with Iran will do to them.

There are so many things going on right now that I haven't begun to discuss. I'm not sure many folks could handle the them anyway.Of course we won't "do" anything about it, heck most folks don't have a clue what is happening beyond the next football game. Sometimes I think that if there were to be a eugenics program for "sheeple" we might just have a shot at saving America. 
      ~~~~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~~~~


  1. It came out in the news yesterday that VIPR goon squads are being sent out to more states now.

  2. The sad part is we, this little blogging community of ours, can do nothing....nothing, about it. Continue with your individual preps and keep your head down, your powder dry, and pray we all survive. God bless.

  3. You're not the only one seeing this. I, too, worry what a year from now will bring.

  4. something is coming - THAT is for sure. and we have to just keep our heads down and keep prepping - and map out routes to each other. Sci - you have our actual address eh? i am pretty sure that i shared it with you a few years ago. if not - send me an email at and i will re-send it to you. i want all of my internet friends to know how to get to this island. i honestly believe it will be the last place that any zombie-hordes or armies will ever find!

    your friend,

    (p.s.- anyone else who wants the physical location - just send an email. we want to save as many as we can!)

  5. Yeah, isn't that just something Matt?

    Stephen, at least we have each other! There was a time when I thought I was doing this on my own. Thank you my friend.

    Violet, it should be an interesting year.

    Dizzy you know it! It is written.

    Kymber, I'll drop you an email soon my friend.

  6. The safe haven network... very cool concept.

  7. You know, God has said, "Do not go against Israel, they are my chosen people".
    The VIPR Checkpoints are only going to hurt the law abiding person, and just wait, someone person will resist a search, and they will be shot.

  8. There is something coming and coming faster than we think. I think what would have happened 30 or 40 years ago if the government groped men's genitals or fondled women's breasts just to board an airplane. There would be fights everywhere people would not have stood for it. Now I watch Americans submit passively to illegal searches. Now you see how the Nazi’s beat down the Jews to they meekly walked off to their deaths. Our government is trying to get us to that state and the majority is going along. All I can do is warn people who see it coming. Prepare, and try to remain invisible to the powers. We are not the sheep and they fear us. We will be the first to the reeducation camps.


  9. Anne,

    How do we keep such a network secret? Ïf wouldn't be very useful in the long run, government thug-wise, if it was common knowledge, I'm thinking.

    Here's an idea that came to mind earlier this year - map out where all the food sites are in your area, such as apple trees, wild fruits, nuts, wild greens, asparagus, fish, frogs, turtles, or whatever. Also, research when the different plants are ready to harvest and include that on your map or somewhere.

    Another idea - if you have a bug out spot away from your usual home, you could make a point of hiking to it many times over the course of time (up until you need to use it) and plant patches of self-seeding plants and fruits, nut tree groves, fruit trees and brambles, as well as plants like parsnip, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, etc., en route. That way, you would have something to eat on the way to your spot if you should have to hoof it, or even if you are going via vehicle/road. Just a thought...

  10. Anne, it worked for many in the last World War and I am sure it can work again.

    JMom It is unfortnate but I'm just waiting for the first shots to be fired. It is going to happen. There are still many of us that will not consent to being enslaved.

    Badger, I can hear the passion in your words. It is true that we have become somehow indifferent to the things that are going on around us. We "allow" them to take our liberties so we can be "safe" from the "terrorists". We fail to see that the terrorists are within our own walls. With that being said I for one will NEVER be led to the camps. I will stand my ground here and defend my God given right to freedom.

    Panchito... wise words. We should all be able to take care of ourselves in times of distress. Gurealla Gardening Rocks!!!

  11. Sci, I don't even know what to say here. I completely agree with you.