Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Magazine's Latest "Hit" Piece on Ron Paul- A Response

In a response to this article from Prison Planet. concerning Time Magazine's latest take on why  Ron Paul's presidential campaign does not have a prayer of working, Steve Barwick wrote what I consider to be an excellent post. The following is re-posted with Mr Barwick's consent.  I found it well written and quite interesting.  I hope you will too. 

I honestly think Time magazine may have made a huge error in judgment in coming out with a "Ron Paul is unelectable" article, because that completey changes the question from "Who is Ron Paul?" to "Is Time magazine right or wrong about Ron Paul?"

That's an argument that can easily be overcome with cold, hard facts, i.e., "What Time magazine failed to mention is that Ron Paul has overwhelming support from the rank-and-file U.S. military, including more campaign donations from military families than all other candidates put together. He has won every major online poll, to the point Fox News and others have even had to scrap their polls and start over with new ones in order not to embarrass the other candidates who were so far behind Ron Paul it made their candidacies look inconsequential. And even where they scrapped the polls and put up new ones, Ron Paul won those too. He's consistently been shown in the polls to be the one candidate who can beat Obama in a head-to-head race if the election were held today. And his message of liberty and personal responsibility is catching on like wildfire, not just among Tea Party Republicans, but even among independent voters and disaffected Democrats."

Listen, there's an old saying in politics and marketing: No publicity is bad publicity. Well, we all know that's not entirely true. But in this particular case, if we handle it right you can see how this Time magazine hit piece on Ron Paul might play right into our hands.

So remember, when people say "I hear Ron Paul is unelectable," say, "Yeah, that's what the destroyers of our economy and our American way of life want you to think. They're scared shitless of the guy because they know he's going to put them out of business once he gets elected. He's winning every straw poll and has rocketed to the top 3 candidates in just the first few months of his candidacy. And that's because people are really beginning to understand his message of liberty and personal responsibility. They're beginning to understand the wisdom of his message of following the Constitution and the precepts of our founding fathers and staying out of foreign entanglements. They're beginning to understand that he's the only candidate demanding we take care of our own nation and get our own house in order rather than focusing on bailing out rich foreign bankers and bankrolling foreign dictators and putting the lives of our troops at risk for the benefit of the corporate elite and foreign autocrats. They're finally beginning to see that he's the one who truly cares about restoring our Constitutional rights, freedoms and liberties, and reigning in Big Government in all of its forms."

Bottom line is this: If we get our talking points straight, and state them clearly and succinctly when we discuss the "Is Ron Paul electable?" question with friends, family or co-workers, and then say something like, "Perhaps you'd like to hear Ron Paul's policies in his own words," and send the person a link to his web site or give them a link to a good Ron Paul new interview video, we could actually turn lemons into lemonade and have more people listening to Ron Paul's message of liberty than ever before.

Thanks again Steve!
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  1. He's had my vote since the last election and glad he's sticking with it. Unfortunately, I believe that there are still too many that are unwilling to give up the government teat (be that welfare for the "poor" or corporate welfare) and because of that, even if he gets the nomination it may be for naught.

    Although I will continue trying to explain to people the benefits of personal liberty and responsibility, I think the scales are heavily tipped in favor to those that do not want to shoulder responsibility.

    Sorry for the downer-rant. Maybe after a cup or two of tea I'll be more upbeat.

  2. Thanks for the post. He has my vote. I'm all for following the Constitution and taking care of our own first. He knows we can't keep sending money we don't have to countries that don't even like us. Too bad the whiners and leeches get to vote.

  3. I concur with 'Momlady'. I think the Dems are terrified of him and putting out any negative vibes they can against him. He has my vote.

  4. All I got to say is Ron Paul 2012! :D

  5. If by some miracle Ron Paul gets the nomination over Bilderberger Slick Rick (The Hair, Governor Zoolander) Perry, that will be the only reason I bother to vote.

  6. love your blog! Question though....why do you have an ad for Obama on your site it seems his ideas would conflict with all you talk about?

  7. NGWell thank you all for your comments. It looks like we are in for one heck of a ride for sure.
    Oh and Anon??? I have NO FREAKING CLUE. I just about had a heart attack when I saw that. I may have to disable the AdSense until after the elections, they put up pretty much what they want. So if you are trying to be "snarky" just know that I didn't knowingly do it.