Thursday, August 4, 2011

This and That Thursday

gThe heat here has been crazy.  I honestly thought that when I moved from Texas, some 500 miles north, that things like hot Texas summers would be a thing of the past.  Uhmm...  not so much. We have  experienced some of the hottest driest weather that this part of the country has ever seen.  The forecast yesterday was for 115*.  Yeah, you read that right!  I suppose we got lucky that it was only 111*.  This has been the typical weather pattern for several weeks now  and I don't see much change anytime soon.  This is NUTS!  Of course, somehow I think it must have something to do with our decision to move to Oklahoma.  I mean, we have been here a year now and have had one of the coldest winters on record, broke records for snowfall, and are currently breaking records for hot and extreme drought.  Hmmm... I'm just hoping this patten will not continue!  For all you folks here in this part of the country,  my heartfelt apologies.  I suppose I could try doing rain dances, but with my luck I'd end up bringing on monsoons!! 

The tomato's have  finally given up.  Although I had hoped somehow to be able to get them through the summer, I suppose it was kind of silly on my part.  Even with daily watering, in the end the oppressive heat and lack of rain finally won.  I know that the lack of mulch was probably a huge factor.  Unfortunately there was nothing I could have done about that part.  It is far to late to get new fall plants in the ground.  They should have been planted in the middle of July.  I can't imagine how I would be able to keep them alive either though in this heat, heck if I couldn't keep big healthy ones alive how would I be able to keep tender small ones?   Tomato's will have to be bought from the store and added into the food budget. Yet another thing I can't afford but will have to find a way.
On the bright side it looks like I'll have some room where the tomato's are put in some beans. The soil could use the nitrogen and we could use the beans! I can't just give up on trying to garden. To grow at least some of our own foods is of utmost importance. Especially in these trying times.  If for nothing else I will grow vegetables for the rabbits.  Hey, we all gotta eat!
Speaking of rabbits... those poor guys are hanging in there.  I've been trying to keep them as cool as I can.  I've got ice bottles that I take out for them during the heat of the day and keep them watered at all times.  They have a good shady spot and their cages are all wire (except for the roof) so they have a shot at the hot breeze that blows here.  If I can just keep them from croaking till it cools off  I'll be happy.  Then I can focus on breeding some meat rabbits.  That will certainly help the food budget. 
The chicken coop is on hold until I can wrangle up some wire for it. I keep hoping I'll run across some on Craigslist and look daily for some.  Once the heat breaks there is much work to be done around here. Until then I'm nursing my broke toes and trying to stay cool. 

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  1. I've come to the exact same conclusion you have with your tomato garden.....too few potential tomatoes that "may" ripen so I'm ripping them out and planting beans also! We DID get to 115.1 here at the homestead. It. Just. Stinks.

  2. Sci...the heat destroyed my garden, too. Despite efforts to water several times a day, it was so stinkin' hot the ground BAKED. I am going to try for a fall garden, due to the long growing season here, but, this time, I'll not get my hopes up quite so high!

  3. Sorry about the heat. We had it here in July, but nothing like in Texas, Kansas and where you are.

    Sorry about the tomatoes. That is sucky. As for the chicken wire - do you have Freecycle where you live? You can google it and see if one is in your area - it is an awesome way to unload stuff you don't want [don't want to sell] and in turn pick up stuff you need for FREE! woot!

    Good luck with the beans and the rabbits.

  4. Good luck with the beans, Sci, I'm sorry about your tomatoes.

    My sister-in-law has a misting system for her bunnies, she made it herself. That might be an option for the bunnies when your budget allows.

    Love and Hugs

  5. Be careful on that chicken wire! The stuff that i bought new, both 2" and 1" rotted out in two years. A chicken with a good head of steam up goes right through it. I am looking for something heavier and more durable. FWIW

  6. Carolyn, Somehow we "lucked" out only 111 and forecast for the same today. Boy does It. Stink.!!

    Lamb, I just don't know...I'm kind of worried about the fall garden too, I guess all we can do is try. It IS better than not having done anything for sure.

    Skippy, I have to admit that FreeCycle here is pretty lame, a dog or cat once in awhile is about all that seems to be offered. Weird,huh?

    Fel thanks for the good wishes. A misting system would be a great way to cool off the bunnies. I'll have to put that on my "wish list"' Love ya Girl!

    IanH, funny you should mention that. I was talking with my Dad the other day. He said the same thing. He went to chain link for his chickens. I'm scouring Craigslist!

  7. Have you tried torn newspaper (only black and white sections)for mulch? Or shredded paper? It might help.

  8. It's hot here too, Sci, but now you're on your OWN place ...that makes all hard things easier to bear, don't you think?

    Our coop was here when we bought this place. YOF beefed it up here and there but the chicken wire is holding up. We have chain link around the yard where the chickens are during the day. You have to let them get a couple of months old before you can confine them with chain link ...chicks would go right through it.

    Hope we ALL get some rain and nice COOL fall!

  9. I have been in Texas for 40 years now and in 1980 it was the worst. I remember driving across the lake, in a truck. This year is knocking on that same door.

  10. I think I remember the heat wave in 1980. I was working at State Farm on Edgebrook in Houston. The employee parking was about 75 feet from the building in the back. No trees, too far from the building for shade ...concrete gets HOT in 100-115 deg temps. Asphalt sizzles. Literally. Then you got to crawl into your car that had been closed up all day. Baking. Yup, I remember that.

  11. MomLady that is a great idea and one that would literally cost nothing since I can pick up some of those weekly "Trader" papers at the local stores. Thanks so much, I don't know why I hadn't thought about that before!

    HB ya know sometimes you are the one I know will have the "right" answer. You are so right about it somehow being easier because it IS my place. Here's to us all getting a break, some rain and a cool Fall!

    MDR I'm not sure I remember the 1980 summer of hell, I was in the Sunshine State that summer, but my Dad says he remembers. All I know is that this one Is SURE hot enough for me! Bring on the rain!!!