Friday, August 12, 2011

A Bit of a Break

Isn't it funny how things work sometimes?  Earlier this week I had all but given up thinking it would ever cool down again.  Three days later we had a weather system that moved in which brought with it a little much needed rain and temperatures almost 20 degrees cooler.  What a wonderful and welcome relief!  Although some folks might not think that 90+ degree weather is really all that cool, let me tell you that it made a HUGE difference from the 110 degrees we have been dealing with on a regular basis.  We all needed the break, not only physically but mentally as well.  These past couple of months have been pretty tough on both aspects.  Of course summer isn't over yet and temperatures are supposed to crawl back up but it's been a wonderful break while it's lasted!

I would like to say thanks to a dear reader (you know who you are) who sent a nice donation for the homestead Wish List. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and it will certainly be put to good use around here.

While I have been hiding indoors from all this oppressive heat I have been working on some knitting.  I've completed 8 cotton pieces.  Some washclothes, dishcloths and dishtowels.  I just love using them!  I'm working on what will end up being the last one right now.  I'm almost out of cotton thread.
 I have a couple of skeins of some other yarn that I've been working with. (Thanks Mushroom!)  I've started and ripped out so many starts on a scarf that it's starting to get a bit frayed but I've finally decided on a pattern that I really like. Of course this is the same yarn that I have been messing around with since last winter, its about time I made up my mind on what to do with it!  LOL  So this time I am making a promise to myself that I'm going to finish this one!

The riots in England have been all over the news.  It amazes me that the people there have allowed it to get so out of hand.  Folks all over the internet have been discussing how things have been being handled.  I'm thinking that if the same thing were to happen in America, the outcome would have been much different and results seen in a matter of a day or so rather than it having drug out for close to a week now.  And I'm not talking about the government stepping in either.  I'm talking about the people who's homes and businesses have been burned and looted.  I may be overly optimistic about the spirit of Americans on this, but I cannot imagine many of us just standing back and waiting for someone to come and "make things right" for us.  Had  small business owners or homeowners here been shoved in the same direction I have a feeling that the outcome in America would have been much different.  Would you just stand by and LET someone burn or loot your home or even your neighbors homes without making a serious stand for your property? Or let someone loot your business and then torch it?   I'm thinking.... NOT!  

      ~~~~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~~~~


  1. It has cooled down here a bit, too. Not 20 degrees worth, you lucky lady, you! About 10 degrees. Instead of being 85 to 95 at 5 am when I go out to feed and milk, it was 76 degrees this morning! YES!!! Of course, by 10 am we are well over 90 and by 2 pm, usually 100 or better, but still, I love the lower temps in the morning!

  2. This happens all the time in the US. Be in College Park, MD after the University of MD has beaten Duke or won a major sports title and it is the same thing. Every year.

    Visit SE Washington DC and see how it is JUST NOW being revitalized after the riots in the 60's when MLK was assassinated. Visit Watts and see how the riots there still affect that community. What about the Rodney King verdict or Katrina?

    It has happened, does happen and will happen again here in the states - we aren't any different than the British, except we can own weapons. Doesn't mean we are allowed to shoot a rioter or a looter.

    [I really hate to disagree SFC but I see this all the time here and it is allowed. Sorry.]

  3. During the LA riots, some did defend their homes and businesses but many did not. So many were simply NOT PREPARED to do so, hindered by state laws and being a sheeple! That is why it went on so long and there was so much damage.

    But if you remember that when they (the riots)started in OTHER cities, you could pretty much tell which ones did NOT have such restraints because the riots there did not last long at all!

  4. Lamb I'm with you... I'll take any cooler I can get!

    Skippy, no worries... The right to disagree is something I cherish. But actually we ARE allowed to shoot a looter. You enter MY house with ill intent and I shoot you, and it is quite legal.

    Kellie I think you nailed it when you said they were hindered.... Sheeple often are. I dare say that if something like that were to come to our little town though, things would be quite different.

  5. It's sad when you go outside and gleefully exclaim "OH, it's only NINETY degrees out!".

    But that's exactly what I did today. :)

  6. I'm happy for you ...but jealous. I think it was 105 today.

    : (

  7. It was 59 here yesterday morning. Dad came by and had a jacket on! Whats going on in England is strictly an issue of the thugs knowing the citizens are unarmed. Try that where I live an me and "Busta Cap in your ass" will take care of the situation!! FK

  8. LOL Carolyn! Ain't it just!

    HB I'm sending cool thoughts down there to you guys.

    FK That is EXACTLY what I was trying to say... We aren't going to put up with it here, many of us have firearms (as is our right) and will use them if we feel threatened.