Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can See... The Heat

I am pleased to announce that I will be holding my first ever give-away coming soon. I'm lining up some great prizes for the winners too.  I just have to figure out how to actually RUN a blog contest.  Having never done it before, I keep thinking there may be something that I am missing or may need to know.  LOL  Nahhh, I'm just trying to figure out how I want to do one. Have you ever held a give-away and if so is there any advise that you can give me?  What kind of contests do you guys like to participate in?  Are some more fun than others?  Are there some give-away's  that you shy away from?  Any input you would like to give?  Let me know in the comments below.

I found my glasses!   OK I know that I haven't said a single word to anyone about loosing them in the first place.  Mainly because I really didn't want anyone to know that I had once again lost them. That, and the fact that I'm not totally blind without them, unless that is, I find that I have to read something on the side of a box or bottle. That print is so dang tiny anyway that even folks with normal eyesight would have to squint to see it.   I've looked for them off and on over the past six weeks or so and came to the conclusion that somehow I had lost them in the truck. It has an ability to "eat" things from time to time and then regurgitate them at a later date.
  While I was watering the lower section of the garden yesterday I decided to dump out the dog's water trough and give it a good rinse.  While I had it on it's side, I looked down and spotted something shiny beneath the tall grass growing there.  I reached down to see what it was... Yep, My Glasses!  I don't know HOW they got there, I'm just going to assume that I had laid them down on the concrete steps that are right there, and they got shuffled off.  My apologies to the truck for the accusation.I might be able to sit down and read a book now.

I can't afford to tick off the truck, its our only means of transportation. Besides, it's not been feeling well the past few days.  It seems that the battery is going bad. It's not holding a charge. Which shouldn't be happening as it is still under warranty.  That being said, I can't find the receipt.  I'll try to talk WallyWorld into replacing it but I'm not holding my breath.  Good thoughts my way would be appreciated.

Man oh man it's hot. I'm amazed at how hot most of the country has been.  It's not going to bode well for many homesteaders and farmers. The heat is causing problems all across the nation.   Crops were iffy before because of all the spring rain, and now the heat is decimating what is left of many crops.  Folks are having to butcher their livestock because they can't find and/or afford the hay for them.  Please check on your neighbors who may be affected by this horrible heat  and keep folks in your prayers.

Around here with the a/c not working, I've been taking cold showers two and three times a day just to cool off for a little bit. Having well water is great for this because we are talking COLD water. Cold enough that the faucets condensate when you run it a couple of minutes.  And with that being said,  I've decided that even though we can't afford to do it, I am ordering the fan blade for the air conditioner.  I'll just have to do without something else. I can't take the heat anymore. It's been 100+ here for days and days with no relief in sight and the fan is just blowing around hot air.  I know it's going to jack up the electric bill too, but that's just the price I'm going to have to pay. Being this miserable on a day to day basis is growing really old really fast. It also makes for grumpy people.  I don't like grumpy people, especially when its me.   Besides, I figure by the time it gets here July will be just about over and then there's probably another 6 or 8 weeks left until we can turn it off again.  
Ok I'm done with my fussing for the day.  Ya'll stay cool and stay hydrated!
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  1. Sending cool thoughts and thoughts for rain your way. Good luck with the AC. And the contest.

  2. I just want to put my two cents in about the contest. The contests that I like the best are the ones where I win. :) I hope you can get the a/c fixed real soon. I don't see how you can do it without it.

  3. Orange Jeep Dad, one of the blogs I follow, just did a give a way. His last post has how he did it in steps.
    That cold well water sounds great.

  4. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Second what MDR just said.

  5. Momlady, thanks... Boy some rain would sure be nice.

    LOL SFG Those are the best ones for sure!

    MDR, thanks, He has some good pointers. Good luck on your well woes, be sure to let me know if we can help at all.

    Stephen, thanks bunches... They are always welcome.

  6. If you got some Burlap bags and a bucket You can fill the bucket with water and stick the end of a wet burlap bag an hang in front of windows with a breeze or air intake of the fan. Kinda like a homemade swamp cooler. Hope this will help

  7. I am having my give away and it always is hard for me, I mean I don't think there are any rules out there to say do this or that, just do what you want to do. There are number genarator things that people use to pick people but I just write names and draw them out of a hat.
    I have been in a few give aways and I won one and I was so excited. But then the next time the lady had a give away she kept posting about how everyone could enter but me.
    It embarressed me so bad I haven't entered another one.
    So just do what you like. I still worry though, I am going to see my stuff people win on a blog somewhere that says, dumb stuff I won. :)
    I think it will be fun. :)

  8. ASF, That's a pretty good idea! I never thought of anything like that. I've heard of folks setting a cooler filled with ice behind a fan but that's a bit unrealistic... as hot as it is, the ice would melt in just a few minutes.

    Farm Girl, That was awful rude to do that to you (just my opinion) I couldn't imagine ever being that dumb. Don't you worry... I expect to see your name in THIS contest!!!

  9. I love Burlap and heavy cotton fabrics, perhaps linen curtain could do the same. Idaho has a dry heat and water evaporates fast. But your humidity may work toward your cooling.
    If you can buy a few cheap tiny pumps. You know the decorative fountain types you could set that in front of the fan. Desert folks tend to very big on fountains. My Dad did a great thing with PVC pipe and misters on the patio, waters Mom's plants and very cooling with a fan.
    It's not an air conditioner, but it's cheap. LOL

  10. Hell, Sci-fi make you contest totally for yourself. Whomever comes up with the best idea for....Energy, shopping, food, critters and gardens wins. Hell, we all need info! If it works it wins. I'd set a level of investment in cash at $50.00 and it must be tested on your homestead. If it works, your in the running! I don't care about your motivation. Give a real world test. If it works, great. If not back to the drawing board Sparky.
    Perhaps Sci-Fi is a bit nicer than I am. I'm willing to hear anyone out on getting ready. But if you have any kind Dogma, you are supporting. Don't bring it to my site. Sci-fi maybe more understanding.
    Portal 2 rocks, I got in on sale. If you can afford it. I'd love to play portal. Once crap settles to a dull roar.

  11. SciFi,might check with Pete at Patriots against NWO he runs contest fairly regularly.Petes a good dude I bet he could answer any questions you have.


  12. I've never hosted a Give Away, so I have no pointers, but I am always up for the chance at a valuable freebie or contest.

    Can't look for those glasses until you find
    them...heh, heh.

    Not hot here in my neck of the woods. Was able to sport a tank top for the afternoon hours though before it turned to 68 and windy at 4 p.m. The vegetable garden is respoonding with record low growth.