Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shade and Sweetwater: What About Bob*?

This lady has a way with words and I couldn't agree with her more. Our spending millions and millions of dollars to support other countries while folks here at home are becoming homeless at an alarming rate. Folks can't pay their bills or feed their own children and yet we send our money overseas.  Why is this????

Shade and Sweetwater: What About Bob*?


  1. Nope.. sorry, I read it.. I mean you could look at it their way.. if you have absolutely no idea where Somalia is located..or why the stability of the area in important.. the powers playing for control.. or I dunno... maybe the OIL ROUTE.

    Sending food there isn't for the good of the people. It is to keep that area quiet enough so that WE can still get what WE need out of that area and maintain our spoiled lifestyles.

    We have some assistance in place. They have nothing of the sort. How much do you think WE would have to shell out for military spending to get that area restabilized? or.. How long do you think the average American can hold out without petroleum products? A few in the US are *kinda* hungry, very few are actually starving.. but how loud do you think the freak out would be with a massive gas hike?

    *We* were spoiled with a time of cheap food. We lagged in technological advances.. and now.. our population exceeds our output. Odd when you think how important it is to feed someone so far away.. so that you can drive everywhere..
    so you don't have to be *like them* and pay over 70% of your total income just for basic food. We'll be back there soon enough... and just like *them*.

  2. Cheers for the love, sugar!

    Shade annd Sweetwater,

  3. First of all I don't buy into the lie that we cannot produce our own oil and that we have to "depend" on the Middle East for it. We have untapped reserves here that will last for generations to come, our government just chooses not to use it. This administration has enacted new laws to make it almost impossible to do so. We do NOT NEED FOREIGN OIL. It is the way that "they" have been doing business for years. It's not about the oil, its about the money.
    As for people not being hungry and homeless here, I see it all the time. People "choose" not to notice, to turn their backs on their neighbors and blindly go on thinking that everything is "ok". It isn't. You are right that most Americans are spoiled. Most don't realize what is happening to America.
    We are becoming a socialist/marxist country and most are to involved in their own little dramas to give a damn.
    We lag in technology because our government has made sure that jobs are shipped to other countries by implementing laws and taxes that make it impossible for companies to operate here and make a profit.
    It would behoove us all to take a closer look at who is running our government and DO something aobut it. But we sit on our butts and watch TV, waiting for someone else to fix things.
    If we would pay our own bills rather than send millions of dollars to other countries we wouldn't be where we are now, broke and getting broker by the day. Food prices have risen over 50% in the past three years. It is not going to get any better either as we are getting ready to see major food shortages right here in our front yards. It's going to be a long hot summer.

  4. And considering the whining going on about the debt ceiling, ending foreign aid to countries who hate our guts would certainly help.

  5. It's all a smoke screen anyway...