Thursday, July 7, 2011

This and That Thursday

   This post is going to be all over the place so buckle up and try to bear with me here.  Lots of little things to talk about.  Nothing earth shattering, just the goings on around our little homestead and a few random thoughts.

  Living without a TV isn't really something that I miss much. The content these days is.... well... There isn't much is there?  As long as we have the internet this girl is a happy camper!  I was so happy last week when the installer came out to hook up our new satellite internet connection. It was great. (while it lasted) Two days later it quit working.  It seems we got a defective modem or something.  After waiting 3 weeks for them to come out and install it we can now wait another 2 weeks for them to come fix it.  <sigh>  I guess that's what happens sometimes when you live out as far as we do now.  So I'm back on the aircard and waiting impatiently. 
   Pete, over Patriots Against A New World Order  is doing another great giveaway.  Who couldn't use a copy of  "Back to Basics"?  So go on over and sign up for a chance or two to win!  Oh and say hi for me will ya?  He's a great guy and a true patriot.
Speaking of give-aways... I'm going to be holding my very first one in the not to distant future!  Should be great fun and I'm working on finding some cool prizes.  Stay tuned for more information.

I  talked to my dad this weekend. Saturday was his birthday.  73 years young and still going like a mad man.  I got my love of growing things from my dad, who got his from his dad.  We talked for at least an hour, until he told me he needed to go.  Seems like I was busting up his birthday party. (excuse me!!)  A few of the grandkids were throwing "poppa" a Birthday BBQ. I heard everyone had a great time. I sure would have liked to have been there to celebrate with the family but it just wasn't in the cards. Maybe someday soon.

OK quick question here.  What is up with folks with music players all the way down at the bottom of their blogs. I do a lot of reading at night after Mars goes to bed and I try to keep things to a dull roar so he can sleep. There is nothing like forgetting that your speakers are all the way up and getting blasted with music, scrambling as fast as I can to figure out where the heck the button is before I wake someone up!  Not only that but the sudden volume scares the heck out of me!!!  Of course I can't ever remember which blogs have them so its always a surprise!!!  LOL

I saw this posted over  at Rural Revolution the other day.  I thought it was worth sharing!  Oops, I best be careful. The last time I said that it caused a big ruckus!  ;-)   She writes a wonderful blog and I would encourage you all to go give her a read. I'm betting you will enjoy what you see!  She just published her new book called "The Simplicity Primer".  I'm hoping to get a chance to read it soon.  Orange Jeep Dad is giving away a copy of it (along with some other cool stuff) over at his place and I'm hoping to be the lucky winner. But just in case I'm not, you might want to head over there and enter. 

  I came close to loosing one of the rabbits the other day.  I went out to feed and water the other morning and Bucky was nowhere to be seen.  The cage door was firmly locked but no rabbit.  About that time I looked up to see BB (the dog) sniffing the ground with her tail up in the air.  I looked around and caught sight of the little feller in the weeds across the fence.  I started calling to him and shaking the feed bucket and Mars went around behind him and was able to scoop him right up.  Whew!!!!  Disaster averted. I'm sure glad I've been handling them all quite a bit.  He wasn't scared in the least.  Apparently there was a big enough hole in the cage that he squeezed right out.  He's lucky he didn't break a leg or something since the cage is a few feet off the ground.

   Mars has been digging trenches again. This should be the last one he'll have to do for awhile.  He's burying the water line so it won't freeze up this winter.  It's hard to think about winter right now as hot as its been.  He's been getting up and out there as the sun starts creeping up trying to beat the heat. The grounds pretty hard too so he's been having to water it down to loosen it up. It's almost done now and I know he will be glad for it to be over with.  He broke the sharpshooter (shovel) tip.  I guess that's another thing to go on the "list" of things needed around here. 

Ok I guess that's about all there is to talk about for now. Ya'll stay cool and find yourself a shady spot when ya can. And drink lots and lots of water.  It's dang well hot outside!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad - sounds like a great Poppa party - hope you can make it next year.

    For the music, I just mute my computer while blog hopping because it SO startles me when I go to a blog and forget they have music there. I had it on mine for a while, but didn't like the way it automatically played [I just wanted the play list for me] and took it off.

    Have a great Thursday.

  2. i got a pair of cheap ear buds and keep them plugged in so that doesn't happen. it does startle me and sometimes it's so loud it hurts, but at least no one else is disturbed. Good luck in your contests~

  3. I went thru 3 modems in 3 months. Amazingly enuf, each one I got was an 'upgrade'. Luckily, I know the one guy that works for the phone company and he just dropped a new one off every time. Stay cool, it's hot here in PA too.

  4. Skippy!!! Hey girl, you sure are typing with A+!! LOL I thought about a music player but this place is already slow enough to load.

    HP Good idea bout using the ear buds! Duhhh, I just never thought about that...

    Hey Sharon, wanna send your friend this way? I will throw a hissy fit if this doesn't get fixed this time around. I think that it's taken way to long already.... Drinking lots and lots of water and Iced Tea here trying to keep hydrated.

  5. I read a nice blog by a sweet lady that has one of those players at the bottom of her page. Knowing its there is the trick. I lower my volume and just run to the bottom and knock it off.
    Her blog is worth the effort. BTW, you always make me smile.

  6. Hi Stephen, You are so right, there is NO WAY I would not follow some of the folks I do, no matter WHAT! I sure hope I don't offend anyone by bringing up the music player. Just an observation after 'bout jumping out of my skin yet AGAIN! :-)

  7. I just had some folks post up about dehydrating eggs and they love them at the GTA forums. I've finally got enough on hand I can try dehydrating. I usually store covered in mineral oil in the shell, down in the basement. My Mom and my Aunt know I'll take whatever eggs they got and I'll store them + share with all the family. Out of all I have the bast storage area. I have a real basement. LOL

  8. Toyin Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by today!

    ASR I would LOVE to have a basement, or a root cellar. Sounds like you have it made in the shade with the eggs! Good luck on your dehydrating adventures. :)