Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Tax Dollars At Work

     It's been one of those days. The thrift store trip didn't happen nor did the laundry that I needed to do. I had a few other things that I wanted to try and get done to but somehow most of it didn't happen either.
I spent half the afternoon on the phone dealing with our wonderful medical system.And if that wasn't enough I spent some quality time with some of our reliable government workers. 

     I've been trying for several weeks to get Social Security to send the blood test results to the doctor I saw when I was in Little Big Town. You remember that right? The blood test I had to drive 175 miles to get?  Of course that was when I was actually IN Little Big Town.  Once again things have changed.   But anyway, they finally sent the tests to the doctors office over  two weeks ago.
     I have been trying every since to get the Dr's office to give me the results.  Or at least to explain them to me over the phone.  Well for over a week I couldn't get them to call me back. We played phone tag for awhile. When they finally did get back to me I was told they could not give me the results over the phone. Apparently that is not "done". I tried to explain to them I could not make the trip back down there.    So after arguing for a week about it they said ok.  Come to find out all they could tell me was what the numbers on the test were.  They couldn't say anymore. Not ANYTHING.   Of course I asked questions but to no avail.  So I finally asked them if I had made the trip down there could they have told me anything more?  Here's the kicker.... They said NO.
    What I am wondering now is why they made such a stink out of not wanting to give me the results over the phone?   So I know now just as much as I did before.  Which isn't much.  My numbers are elevated.  I already knew that. And I seem to have wasted almost two weeks to find out absolutely nothing new.

    So since I was on such a good roll .....I decided to call Social Security .I wanted to find out why I have not received the reimbursement checks for my traveling all over Oklahoma on 3 different trips.  I was informed that I had been paid for 2 of the trips. And their records showed that not only had I not made the last trip but I had canceled the appointment as well.
      Well of course I informed them that I had received no checks for the 120 miles I drove the first time nor the 50 miles for the second trip.  She clicks away on her keyboard and says... "I show that we paid you for those".  OMG I wanted to scream.... but I just took a deep breath and asked her to please check her information again.  Seems that two checks were mailed 2 days ago and sent to my old address in Texas.  Mind you I had called several weeks ago to let them know my new address.  Gotta love the government at its peak of efficiency!  NOT 
      Of course then it was time to address the reimbursement for the 175 miles that I had to drive for the last trip.  Yes 175 miles to have blood drawn.  It took all of 5 minutes for the blood draw and I was headed back to the house.  The lady informs me that I never made the trip and that I had canceled the appointment.  Well this time I pretty much lost it.  I will leave out the exact words I used as I don't want to inflict my potty mouth on you here.   Let's just say that I was not a happy camper and told her as much. 
      To resolve the issue, she transferred me over to my case worker. (Who btw pretty much hates me since I called my congressman and had him get involved)  I told him it was one thing to have to wait over 8 months for a ruling that should only take (by their standards) 4-6 months. It is  quite another to make me spend money I didn't have to make a trip he could have easily scheduled in the next town over rather than a 175 mile trip.  I also told him if HE were eating beans and rice every day he might be a little more concerned with that little check I have been looking for.  (OK I know I exaggerated but hey....I was pissed off and his attitude sucks worse than mine)  Well all of the sudden, to get me off the phone and off his butt, he says he will make the calls and make sure the little check is mailed.
He has NO idea yet that until that stupid little check hits my mailbox- I will harass him like a bill collector at dinner time every day just because I freaking CAN.

And so there ya have it... Our government and our medical system working just for me and you.  I'm sure things will work out MUCH better once we all start getting that NEW OBAMA CARE!


  1. I agreewith the harassing! remember, "the squeeky wheel gets the grease". Good luck.

  2. Yup, my tax dollars hard at work. I wish you luck.

  3. Bust their chops until you get results. Good luck.

    See Ya.

  4. Preview of Obammycare. Fortunately, I believe an "underground" medical system will arise, much like the underground economies that are rapidly forming...

  5. LOL! I am sorry for laughing Sci, but I can just hear you tearing this guy a new one. Sparing the readers the potty mouth was a good idea,;) but the sparing didn't work for me because remember, I think like you and have a mouth that can compare to yours when I get pissed. So I know....Hehehe!

    On a serious note, I hope everything gets resolved soon. I know the waiting must be frustrating.


  6. Oh yea, our lives will be sooooo much better once Obama-Care takes hold. (Rolling eyes)

  7. I did this for 4 years. I learned to be my own doctor. Tell me what the blood test was for and the numbers on it. I'll tell you what it means.