Thursday, July 29, 2010

The coast is clear guys.... come on out!!!
I can see the future!  Well some of it anyway... We are going to be doing round two on canning figs a little later on today.  There is already one HUGE bowl of  them picked and by this afternoon there will probably be another 1/2 a bowl ready.  We should get several more pints put up today. The first batch of figs netted 8 pints. There are wayyy more figs this time around!  I'll be doing a post on canning figs in the next couple of days.

The fall garden is starting to come up!  We have cucumbers, magic purple beans, onions, peppers, and tomato's all sticking their little green heads up out of the dirt. Its a beautiful thing to behold! I'll be taking pictures as things start getting a bit bigger.

I saw where the Posers are now eating Spaghetti Squash that Mars had planted in the little "herb" garden.   Dang I wish I had pulled up all those plants before we left there! OK OK  I know I shouldn't be thinking things like that but..... Grrrrrrrrrr   I thought about ripping them all up too, but I figured someone had to be the better person in that situation.  

I've been wanting to make some tortillas for well over a week now but I am out of lard. I cannot believe it but I am having trouble finding it in the stores around here. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a cultural thing. Until now I have never seen a store that didn't carry it.  But then I'm from Texas so that may be the difference.  I never even entertained the idea that a person couldn't find lard in the grocery store.  It has just "always been there".  I have been to 3 different ones and no one has any!  How the heck can ya make righteous tortilla's without it? 

Anyway......  I don't know if anyone has noticed the new gadget on the right hand side of the page here.  It lists fruits and vegetables that are in season. You can change the locations on it for your area and even change the part of the month that they are in season.  I've been having fun playing with it!  It is interesting to see what all is in season in different parts of the country.  Can you tell I am easily amused?  

PS Speaking of easily amused.. after over two years posting here on this blog I realized that I can put captions under my pictures.  How cool is that and what a dork I am for not realizing this hundreds of pictures ago!


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  2. White Wings makes a flour tortilla mix ...sort of like Bisquick for tortillas. All you add is water. Good stuff!

  3. I am surprised you can't find lard. I live in Illinois and all of the small local markets and the big supermarkets carry it in the bucket. Good luck and keep blogging. I read it every day.

  4. We can get lard here in KY. Want me to send you some. lol

  5. Maybe try a butcher shop or even make your own