Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow on My Skin

Well things are in motion.  People ask me what's next and to be honest... I'm not really sure.  We have options.  The one thing I do know is that I am not afraid.  Which says a lot for me.  I have always been the eternal worrier.  And right now I am just not feeling it! (the worries)  I will probably come to my "senses" soon but for now I am going to ride the tide.  Worse comes to worse I can always call it my mid-life crisis.  No harm no foul. 

Kronic and I were talking in chat and he mentioned something that somehow touched me deeply.  You have to know first that he is a rough and tumble Texan that takes no BS from anyone.  He told me that he gets up every morning and makes a note to himself. Today his note to self was..."Get out and feel the snow on your skin, No one else can feel it for you."  How profound is that?

For once I am not too concerned about the unknown. Well mostly not  anyway.... Hey I am a Capricorn. Its what we do!
I have lived, like a lot of people, afraid to step out into the uncertainty of life.   I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering "what if" any more.   There have been way to many "what if's" in my life to date that could have been opportunities. If I had only dared to live,
love and laugh.  A life not lived is a terrible waste.  A life not lived to the fullest can only be called a tragedy.  We are given such a short time in this world.  I don't want to waste another day wishing I had done something that I could have done if not for fear of trying.  There is no sense in looking back and bitching and moaning about what might have been.  You can't get back time that was lost. Time to leave all that behind.  Time for me to dare to try. 

So I suppose the answer to "what will I do next" is ..... well I'm not sure.  I do know that I am just about done with worrying about what others think of what I do with my life.  It is mine to do with as I please.  So if I end up flushing it down the proverbial toilet....then so be it.  I want to live each day like it was the last one granted and to be happy with it- even if it doesn't work out like "I" think it should.   There is a rhyme and a reason for every single thing that happens to us.  We just need to be open enough with our own heart to accept it.  Nothing in this world happens without an action and a reaction.  If I choose to react in a positive way,  what harm was done?  Negative only brings us all down. 
And so, when you ask what will I do now?  The only response I have right now is.......
I will Live, Laugh, and Love.  I will see the rainbow and not the clouds.  I will strive to feel the snow on my skin because no one else can feel it for me!


  1. A friend of mine has a quote she uses that has stuck with me "I choose to live my life, instead of existing in it" For me, I thought that was a powerful statement. Nice post!

  2. Very nice post, Sci, and oh so true.
    So, Kronic has been holding out on us, I knew he was a big teddy bear at heart. :)

  3. Good for you, Sci! Yeoldfurt was the one that taught ME to live. He had the whole world convinced he was a rough and tumble, no BS kind of guy too. But he convinced me first to dream, then to LIVE my dreams. Our life together has been one adventure after another and I've never looked back. I wish the same for you and Mars!

  4. Go for it girl. I have always said "I did wrong, took to long, but did it MY Way" Life is to short not to live it your way.

    See Ya

  5. Over this past year I have finally come to realize I am wasting precious time worrying about tomorrow and how will I make it a year from now. I thank God for today's blessings, and get on with making the most of every minute of this day. I find myself starting to worry and think of how far I have came in life instead. You have a very blessed adventure waiting for you and I can't wait to read all about it! You have the right attitude and I know you will enjoy every minute.

  6. As your fellow Capricorn slash Sister Worrywoman Planner (my unofficial name), I completely get how wondrous the statements you've made here really are. Profound post, my friend.

  7. I once read that "worrying is like sleeping with a pack on your back". I have concerns, but I NEVER worry. We are on this earth for a split second if you compare it to eternity. Live each day as tho its your last for it may well be. Don't go thru life, woulda, shoulda, coulda, it'll bring you down.
    Your post was awesome and it sounds like you arew on the right track. Looking forward to reading all about it girl.

  8. You are on your way! To do nothing is not an option for you and yours. Now is the time for a great adventure!! The worst thing that can happen to you is what? Meet new people,see new places,maybe a different job,learn a new skill.Stride foreward and don't look back! FK

  9. I once took a class that required we write out obituary. That was an eye-opener and the sad thing was most people in the class had nothing to say about themselves.

    On the matter of worry; it's really fear of the unknown or wanting to control an outcome.

    Another thing that's helped me, especially when dealing with people who think they know what's best for me - or when I or others have themselves wrapped up in a tizzy - is to ask: "What purpose does this serve?"

    If you have any gray matter functioning at all, answering that question should at the very least stop a person in their tracks.

    Your life will be mostly what you make it so enjoy the ride!