Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Let's talk chili.  Such a wonderful dish with about a million different ways to make it.  Sometimes we use stew meat. When we are blessed with venison we use that.  Sometimes we use course ground hamburger.  This time we just used plain hamburger that I found lurking in the very bottom of the freezer. Once again, I want to say I LOVE MY FOODSAVER.  These packages were in there from Oct 2008.  It still looked, cooked and tasted like it had just been bought!  
I WILL NOT put beans in my chili.  Sacrilege!  If I want chili beans then that's what I will make.  Real chili does NOT have beans!  Ok, I got that out of my system.  LOL   One of the things I love about chili is the yummy things that you can use the leftovers in. (or is it on?)  
Mars made this last batch on Sunday.   I got lazy and didn't make cornbread so we had crackers with it instead. We have had chili in some form or another for the last few days.   For lunch yesterday we had Frito Pie with onions and cheese.  I have been a Frito Pie fiend since I was a little kid and I was in heaven with this meal.  

Dinner last night was Baked Potato stuffed with chili, cheese, and onions.  As if I hadn't eaten chili for almost every meal this morning I made chili and eggs with hashbrowns and toast!  We got a good run for the money on that pot of chili. And I didn't resort to chili beans either!!!

Well it looks like the RV is still up for sale.  After all the hours spent talking with this woman over the past week - she no longer will answer her phone or her email. I never did pull the ad's off Craigslist so that is a good thing.  Anyhoo......karma will do what karma does will it not? 


  1. Sorry about the RV, Sci. Somebody out there wants to buy it, I'm sure, they just haven't found you yet.

    Hang in there, my friend :)


  2. < opens another can of beans.......

  3. That's 'Furt's kinda chili, Sci... no beans! Me, I can take chili any way you want to make it. Only it never lasts more than 24 hours around here. 'Furt is too fond of hot and spicy!

    Has your email changed? I sent you a message two days ago and no reply. Just wondering...

    You will find a buyer for your RV when the time is right. Wet, sloppy winter is not a good time to hit the road anyway. I bet when spring weather hits, the buyers are standing in line!

  4. Nice lookin' hashbrown there, Scifi...

    I love chili... with potatoes, eggs (southern boy, me!), cornbread...
    And thank you! for keeping beans OUT OF the chili! ha! Like you, if I want beans, I'll cook beans.

    Best wishes on selling the rn, woman.


  5. OMG I only make chili with kidney beans. Otherwise it's just stew, isn't it? I also add in a can of beer which renders the chili amazing.

  6. I'm glad Suzy made a comment. Chili without beans? Love the beans.

    RV will sell when it's right.

    See Ya

  7. Hungry as I type this comment...chili this, chili that...do we have frito chips...oh sci!!!

    I am sorry about the RV, but I know all will be well, call me a crazy loon, but I feel it in my heart.

    Take care I am off to find something yummy for breakfast!!