Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reach For The Stars

Things are moving along now at a pace that is unexpectedly faster than I thought.  I mean it took almost 3 months to sell the RV.  And then poof...sold... time to move forward at almost breakneck speed. I knew in my head that things would go fast once it was sold.  The reality of it is a bit more intense.
  We found a trailer that will suit our needs.  It needs a little bit of work but the roof doesn't leak (its been raining alot here) and the floors are solid. It is mainly cosmetics though so that's really not a big deal. 
We laid out some large cash today. (500 bucks is large for me) New tires all around,  but now we are roadworthy.  It had to be done. The old ones were dry rotted.  Not to mention the new truck tires. Didn't make it any easier to let go of the money though! We are rolling on gold people!!! 
We got all the "road" lights working today....Made the 60 mile trip back to the la casa....still need to work on the clearance lites as there is a flicker in them but things are looking ok. 

The crazy prepper lady will be here tomorrow to pick up the old homestead. I am gonna miss this place.  We had some good times here. But to be honest I am glad to just be getting away from all the BS that goes with living in a highly populated area.  I miss the country. So now we only focus on what is still left to be done to make this new beginning move forward.

Lots to be done for sure.  We have most everything moved into storage except the stuff we have been using daily.  Oh, and the furniture.  We have to get that big ass couch outta one RV into the other. That should be a load of laughs.
  Ever tried moving a full size couch out of a 24" door and sticking it into another one of the same size?  You should try it just for giggles!   I will have nightmares I am sure.  Not to mention all the cussing and moaning while it happens! 
We are loosing about 20 feet of space with the "new" RV so there are still things we are going to have to work out.
  The plan is to get everything that is left in the old place into the new place tomorrow. Anything that we have left here now is essential to day to day living stuff anyway. 
Then on Wednesday (till however long it takes)  we will pull the "new" RV over to the storage and sort thru all that, pack what we need for daily living.  What room we have left we will pack other essentials. Mars refuses to leave his baby tiller, the generator and a few other must have tools. Go figure!

As the idea is to eventually find some land in Arkansas or lower Missouri, we are going to find a "central location" to find new storage. I think they call it "staging"?  LOL  Then we take what we can in that direction and return to Texas for the rest of the stuff in storage here in a month or so.
One UHaul trailer later its all centrally located.  Cheaper rates and closer to the "Prize".  One good thing about all this is that we have been really focused on what we really need to keep and what is excess.  Not much "excess" left. 
Well enough of all this, I'm starting to bore myself.  

Reach for the stars guys! 


  1. I think Mars is right about the tiller and tools, but then that's coming from another Red Planet type and you Venusians don't see black and white the same way we do. It's a guy thing, probably right too;-). Best of luck on your new adventure!!

  2. Wow what an exciting big step, I hope to read your blog in a few months and hear that you have settled into a life in the country and are on your way to building the new life you want.
    Congrats on such a bold move!

  3. I have to agree with Mars on the tools, Sci ...your next place is going to country and you're going to need them! Moving is exhausting, physically and emotionally. But you're both excited about your new adventure and that will keep you going when the exhaustion from the Great Furniture Shuffle creeps in.

    Yikes! I just realized you may not be able to check in via Internet for long stretches at a time! Do remember you have phone numbers for some of us and let us hear from you once in a while. If you call me or Fel or any of the others, we'll pass the word around.

    Congratulations and let the adventure begin!

  4. Gotta agree with everyone and Mars...those are essential tools that can't be replaced cheaply. Plus, with things happening at this time of the year, you may get a garden in if you find the right place. Good luck to you!

  5. (((Sci)))

    I am so excited for you both and your new adventure.

    You guys will be just fine and hell if the couch doesn't wanna fit, cut the legs off of it. :D

    Yes, I ditto what HB said, you have phone numbers! cell service should be easier to come by than WiFi, please if you can't connect via the blogosphere give one of us a call and we'll get word out. :)

    I'm gonna miss you while you aren't on line, you know that right? but, I'll be here waiting with hugs for you when you come back. :)

    Good luck on your new journey, be safe and be happy.

    Much love to you and Mars always.(((((Sci & Mars)))))


  6. Can't leave the tools behind. Keep us posted on the new adventure. You will be fine.

    See Ya

  7. When you get to your new location you must let me know where to visit. Me and the Old Woman go trout fishing down in that area alot. We will meet up and have supper. FK

  8. good luck on your new adventure

  9. Almost every McDonalds has a Wifi spot - email us to let us know how you are doing and where you end up :) MapDude