Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Couldn't Help IT!

We are in the process of getting rid of two vehicles.  My old Chevy Astro van has seen much better days but it still runs strong with over 240k miles on it.  It's been a good ride and took us on several camping trips and a couple of vacations.  Then there's the Ford F150.  That's Mars "thing" and I've never asked.  Nuff Said!

  Not like either don't run (cause they do) We would just be better served with the money than the vehicles.  So I went looking for the titles.  And looking... and looking....Nowhere to be found!

Long story short I had to go and apply for lost titles.  Trust me, you don't want the details on this one! 

As for how this ties into what I was actually going to talk about? I went to get the paperwork to do all this.  Well on the way home I made a stop at the grocery for some eggs and milk.

Well, imagine my surprise when I strolled past the discount buggy!  I was just perusing the items.... 12 oz jars of Honey $1.77...Fancy coffees.... some $4.99 a can, some $3.69....Garlic Spread (little jars) $2.63....Fancy Honey Mustard Dressing $2.50...Asian Sesame Dressing $2 .97...Flax Olive Sunflower oil blend 4.5 oz bottles....(don't ask me!) $7.62... Red pepper flakes $2.77 a jar... Tampax 10 packs $1.50 (hey some things are a necessity)   
Now mind you these were mark down items.  Things i would normally pass right up.  I can do without any of it. 

But sometimes things just come into play that you never expect.  Here I was looking thru all this stuff for a bargain.  For a special deal ya know?  How can you pass the bargain bin and not at least look? I've had to curtail some preps lately but I can't resist looking at the bargain buggie!

Well while I am perusing the above mentioned items ...Girl from the store shows up with a sign to put on the 3 carts of "stuff"  She told me I might be more interested once she put up the sign.  OK, says I, show me the sign.


My eyes almost glazed over! 

$8.25  later  I had all of the above mentioned items in my basket.  Several in multiples.  Total of ten cans of coffee, three jars of garlic spread, three bottles Honey Mustard dressing ,one Asian Sesame Dressing, two Oil Blend thingies, two jars of red pepper flakes,five jars of honey, and some other misc stuff!  

Sometimes a person just ends up in the right place at the right time! Nothing like stumbling into a honey hole! LOL Pun Intended!


  1. Dang, that was a good score, Sci.
    All that for $8.25, Wow!
    I would've been happy to get the coffee for that price, but all the other stuff too?! Way cool, my friend. :D


  2. God, I would love to go shopping with yor girl. Way to go !!!

  3. But wait, did you get another car ?? What did you get ??

  4. WOW - what great deals! I got excited last year when I found some organic chocolate powder normally about $8 a jar for $2! But NEVER .25!

    MAN - I'm impressed!! Timing IS everything!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    MaMaBear in the Mitten