Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

Did you know that there will not be another Blue Moon on New Year's Eve for another 29 years?  That's 2028 folks.

Or that this is the 13th full moon of 2009?

Or that this is a Blue Moon at the end of the decade?

Check it out 


  1. Now I have that song in my head! Happy New Year, SciFiChick & Mars. I hope this next one will be kinder to us all.

  2. Interesting website but they got their math wrong in all their lunar excitement. If the next blue moon on New Year's Eve is 29 years from now, it will be in 2038. Still ...that's a LONG TIME off!

  3. Sci - thanks for sharing this - it was sooo beautiful! we had a foggy snowy night last night so i didn't get to see it in the actual sky but all the pics at the link and all over the net are just beautiful!

    and what an omen for the coming screams "Good things are coming" and i really believe that. it also screams "things are going to change" and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. things are going to change for us all this Humble Wife said - 2010 is the year of the prepper. i completely agree!

    thanks for holding down Fel's Lounge last night - you did her proud Sci! you did us all proud - there were so many people coming in and out of that room and it was so much fun and people were so enthusiastic - we got a whole pile of new people for the network and the forum - you rocked!

    and thanks for being such a good buddy to me during the past year. i promise i won't get mushy again - just thank you. you've been a great friend and an inspiration.

    all my love to you and yours.

    chin up girl - 2010 is gonna rock!